The 10 Best Computer Vacuums of 2022

The 10 Best Computer Vacuums

Dust is one of your computer’s worst enemies, so you should regularly clean it from its components and peripherals. By cleaning your computer regularly, you are also preventing germs from spreading, particularly on the keyboard, and allowing your electronic devices to breathe. Laptops and desktop computers can both benefit from a vacuum cleaner designed to clean your items thoroughly until every crevice is clean.

They trap debris and dust particles of all sizes and are suitable for use on delicate electronic devices and components. Computer vacuum cleaners are powered by strong airflows that remove debris and dust particles of all types. Computer vacuum cleaners are great because they can be used for many purposes.

Their knowledge includes handling a variety of equipment, including cameras, smartphones, and vents. Finding a good vacuum cleaner for your computer can prove challenging if you feel that it needs some serious cleaning. To make sure you’re getting the most value for your money and that the product meets your needs, you first must determine which features to compare.

1. Type and Power

There are both corded and cordless models on the market, which also have varying power levels. It is usually stronger and cheaper to get corded models; however, if you don’t do a lot of cleaning, you may not benefit from them. The cordless vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice if you need something portable that can be used occasionally.

2. Attachments

Some vacuum cleaners, for instance, have brushes and nozzles that are designed to allow you to reach hard-to-reach spaces and ports within your electronic equipment. This helps in removing dust more effectively. If a special nozzle is not used, it is quite difficult to ensure that fine dust doesn’t remain.

3. Usability

As a handheld vacuum cleaner would be more maneuverable for you and easier to use, it would be more comfortable if moving bulky units around was not an issue for you. Additionally, you can take a small device with you in places without power outlets if you have a laptop.

4. Price

As a last consideration, we need to consider the budget. The general rule of thumb is to not invest a lot in a computer vacuum cleaner unless your computer is frequently covered with dust from the environment. Most people will be satisfied with a mini computer vacuum that’s portable and inexpensive.

Therefore, these are the fundamentals you should take into account before you make a purchase. You should only choose the best products currently available on the market if you wish to make the most of your research time. When choosing them, the most important factor that was taken into account was their cost-effectiveness, so that you could find the best computer vacuum cleaner for both your needs and budget.

To help you pick the best computer vacuum, we researched a number of high-quality models, making sure that they would keep your work area or computer station exceptionally clean. We were looking for computer vacuum cleaners that had a lot of suction power and were compact and portable.

Best Selling PC Vacuum Cleaner

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Best PC Vacuum Cleaner

#1. Dealswin Rechargeable Computer Vacuum

Best Computer Vacuums

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WHY WE LIKE IT: A budget-friendly computer vacuum cleaner with some pretty impressive features, including an ergonomic handle, making it easy to operate with just one hand, and a rechargeable battery that lets it operate cordlessly.

Despite being a value-conscious purchase, Dealswin’s computer vacuum cleaner kit features an impressive feature set that is easy to operate using just one hand, including an ergonomically designed handle. In addition to multiple nozzles and attachments to suit different cleaning scenarios, this vacuum cleaner also comes with a washable filter and a detail brush. You can charge the built-in battery via USB, and the battery can last for around 60 minutes on a single charge.

The battery does get an hour’s use from a single charge, but as the hour approaches its end, you may notice some performance degradation. The filter is also on the small side and must be cleaned regularly, otherwise, you will encounter clogging.

#2. Meco Keyboard Cleaner and Computer Vacuum

Best Computer Vacuums

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It has a wet/dry vacuum cleaner design that excels with debris and liquids, as well as a high-quality HEPA filter, and comes with a variety of useful attachments including a crevice nozzle.

As a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, this Meco keyboard cleaner and computer vacuum perform well with liquids as well as solid debris. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t have anti-static capabilities, but it is gentle and should be able to clean even the most sensitive components. There are several useful attachments included with this vacuum, including a crevice tool and a multi-function brush. The true HEPA filter included with this vacuum is also a nice feature since it should aid in disinfecting and purifying the air.

Although the cordless design of this vacuum cleaner is very convenient, the integrated battery is only able to provide about 30 minutes of use on a single charge and needs several hours to reach 100% capacity. In addition, the filter must be cleaned periodically, requiring a wash followed by some time for it to dry. It would be best to find the best canister vacuum cleaner if you are in need of a cleaner with enough power for tough messes on carpets, kitchen tiles, and bare floors, but with enough reach to get under the table.

#3. Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro Computer Vac/Blower

Best Computer Vacuums

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Its portability makes it easier to clean more comfortably since it can be maneuvered with ease. As well as operating at 70 CFM and having a very powerful 120-volt motor, the DataVac Pro also has a shoulder strap for additional convenience.

If you want a really thoroughly clean, a powerful machine alone is not enough. You must also use the right accessories to remove the maximum amount of dirt. The Metro Vacuum unit comes with a 19-inch flexible hose for easy access to all component parts. The machine includes several attachments like a crevice tool and an airbrush with soft bristles to enable users to reach areas that are difficult to reach. There’s also a micro cleaning tool kit with four pieces so you do a really professional job. You can simply discard the paper waste bag once it becomes full. The kit contains a few extra bags to keep you going until you run out of paper.

Steel is used to construct this vacuum, which can also be used in the opposite direction as a blower. One of the best alternatives to canned air, it is made in the US and is more environmentally friendly than canned air.

Metro Vacuum’s DataVac Pro Computer Vacuum is the best overall choice for anyone looking for a high-quality computer vacuum that has impressive vacuuming and blowing capability, solid metal construction, a compact size, and a generous selection of accessories. This is an excellent cleaning solution at this price if you are in need of a reliable solution.

#4. Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac 500-Watt Electric Duster

Best Computer Vacuums

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Metro Vacuum is one of the major players in the burgeoning industry of handheld vacuums, and the ED500P is yet another model worth considering. This tool can efficiently remove the dust particles that plague your computer components and ensure that everything works smoothly.

There was a great deal of thought involved with the design of this unit. Metro Vacuum’s ED500P is one of the most recent additions to the DataVac range and was completely redesigned to make it more compact and easier to operate than previous models. This product features a powerful 500-Watt motor to remove dirt, debris, and dust from your sensitive electronic equipment. Airflow of 70 CFM makes your components run more efficiently.

This product is safer, more efficient and more economical than canned air products, and it can be considered a “green” alternative. In addition to an air pin-pointer, an air flare nozzle, and an air concentrator nozzle, the package also includes an air pin-pointer and a compressed air nozzle for accessing more difficult cleaning areas. There is also a micro-cleaning toolkit included.

Steel construction gives this product a solid feel, you can clean with greater confidence, and the general impression is that this is a long-lasting product. It can be a bit louder than you expected, but considering its cleaning capabilities this isn’t an issue. It requires no batteries and comes with a power cable.

You should choose this one if you want really excellent cleaning performance. Although Metro Vacuum’s ED500P can effectively handle most cleaning tasks, it’s also more expensive than wireless devices. An assortment of nozzles suitable for cleaning dust from a computer can, of course, be utilized for many different purposes. This could prove to be an even more valuable investment in the long term since you can use it for multiple cleaning jobs. All of these reasons make the investment worth the while.

#5.Handy Vac Rechargeable Computer Vacuum

Best Computer Vacuums

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The ergonomically designed handle is extremely comfortable for long use sessions. Furthermore, the built-in battery can be recharged 1000+ times.

The ergonomic handle and light form factor on this computer vacuum cleaner from Handyvac make it an excellent choice for long periods of use. This device comes with a lithium battery that can be recharged over 1,000 times and can run continuously for up to 50 minutes. The dual air outlets on this vacuum helped to disperse heat more rapidly when we used it.

It produces 80dB of noise when in use, making it one of the noisiest computer vacuum cleaners. The mesh filter included in the package is exceptional, however, it is somewhat small, so it will need to be cleaned and emptied routinely. As soon as your computer is serviced, you should also consider getting one of the best stick vacuum cleaners – one that combines an efficient motor with a powerful battery and can clean your house for hours – and one that provides several attachments for the stairs and furniture.

#6. Brigii Mini Vacuum and Air Duster 3 in 1 Cordless

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The Brigii Y120 Pro may be the right choice for you if you want to clean your computer effortlessly. With its multiple crevice tools, this ingenious device allows you to deep clean accessory items such as keyboards while providing reliable vacuuming technology in the palm of your hand. This computer vacuum is easy to handle since it maintains a small size. It is true that portable style might give the impression of poor performance, but this is far from the truth.

With the little tool, you can easily remove dust, debris, and other accumulated particles from your computer desk and other surfaces. The 80W motor offers reliable suction. This mini vacuum is powered by a rechargeable battery, making it easy to use. It also features reusable filters, which make it even more practical. Although this vacuum is primarily a mini vacuum, Brigid added additional functions to make it worth its price. Moreover, the device can be used as a hand pump or air duster.

#7.Cordless Air Duster Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

Best Computer Vacuums

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It is a budget-friendly cordless computer vacuum that offers several attractive features. A powerful air duster offers enough cleaning power to keep all your electronics in pristine condition. Among other things, it’s great for removing dust from computers and medical equipment. Large rechargeable batteries allow the unit to operate continuously for a long period of time. It can be argued that compressed air cans are much more environmentally friendly than this alternative.

Its vacuuming/blowing power is undeniable, but is it comparable to compressed air? Even though this cordless vacuum can perform similar tasks in some situations, it can’t compete with canned air when it comes to focused air pressure. Utilizing this device to its fullest potential as a cleaning tool for keyboards and car vents is the best way to make the most of it. The device works a lot better than compressed air, all in all. The versatility and cost-efficiency of this product make it a worthwhile investment.

#8.Cordless Air Duster Computer Vacuum Cleaner

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The Koonie computer vacuum includes a battery-operated design and fast charging capabilities. In order to remove dust accumulated on computer components, this machine blows air at a high speed. The system does not completely replace the focused pressure of compressed air cans, but it does provide many benefits. One notable aspect is the battery-operated operation, which enables continuous operation for 30 minutes.

A suitable power adapter can safely recharge the computer duster just like you can do with a smartphone. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, the tool is a pleasure to handle while the switch provides double functionality. It can be activated to operate continuously or just when you press the switch. The small size makes the device portable but quite impractical for big cleaning tasks. It’s only recommended for quick computer cleaning or to remove dust from various electronic equipment.

#9. ColorCoral Vacuum Dust Cleaner Rechargeable for Computers

Best Computer Vacuums

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If you need to dust your computer or keyboard, the ColorCoral cleaner will get rid of any dirt with strong suction power. The cleaner also features washable HEPA filters for superior dust removal. This little tool is perfect for removing dust, crumbs, and other debris from computers and furniture. With its cordless design, the unit is easy to use, while its rechargeable battery ensures long runtime.

Like more affordable computer vacuums on the market, this model also does not come with some accessories that are useful, like a power adapter. It does, however, come with a USB cable that allows you to charge your computer. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with two nozzles that can provide cleaning flexibility. The vacuum cleaner has a fairly decent suction power for the price. This practical mini vacuum will exceed your expectations if you know what to expect.

#10. Fuller Mini Maid Computer Vacuum

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There are a variety of useful attachments and accessories that are included with the Fuller Mini Maid Computer Vacuum cleaner, including seven micro attachments specifically designed for small computer parts. It ships with a handle that is ergonomic and comfortable, while it also ships with multiple hoses, both short and long, in addition to the numerous accessories mentioned above.

However, this two-pound vacuum is not cordless and must be plugged into a power source to function. Moreover, this is not a hybrid model, and it is intended only for use as a vacuum rather than a blower as well. If you want to vacuum hardwood floors well, it is always nice to have an exhaust vent that is vigorously blowing.

Computer Vacuum FAQs

Should I clean the inside of my PC?

It is possible for your computer to accumulate dust even if it is enclosed in a casing. The reduction of cooling efficiency and lifespan eventually results from this phenomenon. A computer vacuum cleaner will help you keep the computer’s critical internal components in pristine condition by cleaning them every six months or so.

Is dust accumulation harmful to computers?

Due to the fact that dust can block off your fan vents, dust is certainly a problem for your computer. Dust can act as an insulator and overheat certain parts if it penetrates deeply enough. The dust won’t necessarily damage the computer, but it can lead to overheating, which can cause major problems with laptop/computer components.

What is the best way to remove grease from a laptop?

You can use mini vacuum cleaners that come with brush attachments to clean grease buildup on your laptop if you see it. After the upper layer of grease is removed, the remnants of grease may still be found following the vacuuming process. In order to clean your laptop effectively, you should make use of liquid cleaners.

How do I choose the best computer vacuum cleaner?

When shopping for the best computer vacuum cleaner, make sure it comes with all of the tools you need to complete the job properly. A variety of hoses, crevice attachments, nozzles, and more are available. For the purpose of removing debris from sensitive electronics, you may also want a vacuum that is suitable as a blower as well. Computer vacuum cleaners are another option.

Should I vacuum my laptop?

The answer is yes, though we recommend using a dedicated computer vacuum or, at the very least, compressed air. You will want to use a good computer vac or can of compressed air to make sure that the delicate components inside your computer remain undamaged while removing debris and dust. When looking for a vacuum cleaner for inside of a computer, a battery capable of lasting an hour should also be considered.