How to Buy the Best Cordless Vacuum( Buying Guide)

Cordless vacuums are the best choice for quick cleaning tasks and car use. These battery-powered machines grant you one-of-a-kind portability.

Moreover, they are lightweight and available in a variety of types. You can them for hardwood, carpet, or upholstery cleaning depending on your needs.

Types of Cordless Vacuums

For What

  • Pet hair

A lot of people mainly buy cordless vacs to deal with animal fur. This is especially the case in houses with more than one pet or with a single huge dog that sheds a lot.

The primary advantage of this type over corded vacuums is that it makes it easier to clean furniture and clothing from animal hair. 2-in-1 stick models and handhelds are particularly good for this task.

Moreover, cordless vacs usually come with special tools. They allow you to suck in pet hair even from carpet fibers and isolated corners.

  • Carpet

Cordless vacuums aren’t generally recommended for cleaning carpets. They are battery-operated and can offer only a limited power output.

Moreover, plush carpeting tends to drain the battery very quickly. That being said, if you need a vac for on-the-surface cleanups, then cordless is a viable option.

Upright, stick and canister vacuums are designed with carpeted flooring in mind. They usually come with motorized heads, which are crucial for collecting debris from between the fibers.

Moreover, you can invest in a high-end upright wireless vacuum. Such a model can provide deep cleaning for your carpets and area rugs.

  • Hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring doesn’t require as much power to be cleaned as carpets. This surface is perfect for cordless models. The only thing you need is the right powerhead. It should offer the right angle and height to provide the best suction strength.

Stick vacs possess the power and maneuverability necessary for bare floor cleanups. Alternatively, you can purchase an upright model.

They are better if you have big rooms and require a larger bin. Another aspect you have to factor in is the battery life. While hardwood doesn’t drain the battery very quickly, not all vacs can clean multiple rooms in a single go.

  • Laminate floors

Wireless vacuums are well suited for cleaning laminate flooring. They are lightweight, small, and present low risks of damaging the surface. Moreover, handheld and 2-in-1 models allow you to clean laminate without ever fearing of scratching it.

In general, laminate floors don’t tend to get very dirty. Most of the time, a small cordless machine is all you’ll need. In case of a larger mess, you can always just mop the floor and be done with it.

Moreover, several cordless machines come with mop attachments. They allow you to pick up any kind of debris necessary.


  • Stick vacuums

Stick vacuums mostly exist in the form of compact, lightweight machines that can be pushed with one hand. They represent the middle ground between the more powerful upright models and portable handheld cleaners. Moreover, you can purchase a 2-in-1 stick vac for even more functionality.

The fact that such cleaners are cordless grants them more maneuverability. Also, most stick cleaners come with extension wands and crevice tools. These attachments make them the perfect pick for floor-to-ceiling cleaning.

Stick vacs are better suited for small and medium-sized houses that have hard flooring. However, they offer solid performance on carpets as well.

  • Handheld vacuums

Handheld models allow you to take full advantage of the cordless design. They are small, featherweight, and provide terrific versatility.

Since they are used for light cleaning, their battery life is more than sufficient. The most significant drawback of such machines is the lower suction and narrow cleaning paths.

While handhelds don’t have a large tank capacity, they are still good for single-room cleaning. Their main appliance is furniture and kitchen use.

Moreover, handheld cordless cleaners are great for getting into tight corners and behind furniture. Besides, these vacs excel at cleaning car seats, clothing, and cat litter.

  • Upright vacuums

Upright vacs offer the strongest suction and provide the best carpet fiber agitation. Typically, wireless models don’t have the same strong suction as the corded versions. However, they are still the most powerful type in the cordless category.

Uprights are recommended for people who have a lot of carpeting in their homes. Their superior suction is backed up by a large bag capacity and cord length.

This is perfect if you have big rooms and want to avoid changing outlets mid-cleaning. The two drawbacks of this type of cleaners are the higher price and bigger weight.

  • Bagless vacuums

The combination of bagless and cordless design choices seems to be the way in which vacuuming technology is developing. The wireless component allows you to enjoy more mobility and versatility.

Meanwhile, the bagless part makes the vacuums lightweight and smaller. You can also save tons of money on spare bags. Moreover, emptying dustbins is becoming easier with each new design innovation.

Another benefit of picking a cordless bagless vacuum is the superior filtration system. It enables you to maintain the same suction speed, while bagged vacs slow down as they become full.

What to Consider Before Buying a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing the perfect cordless vac for your living conditions can be a daunting task. However, if you factor in the following aspects when making your decision, you should manage just fine:

  • Primary purpose. Whether you need a vac for light cleanups, car and upholstery vacuuming, or heavy-duty carpet cleaning, that reason should determine the type of vacuum you choose.
  • Battery life. The larger your house, the more long-lasting battery you need to find.
  • Battery charging time. Most batteries need to 10 to 12 hours to charge fully. That’s why it’s recommended to do so overnight. Some options charge quicker, but their batteries usually don’t last as long.
  • Dustbin/Bag capacity. If you have to clean a lot of space, a handheld vac with a 0.3l tank won’t be enough.
  • Weight. If you’re planning on carrying the vac around the house a lot, then look for more lightweight options.

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