Best Steam Mop Reviews ,Tips & Buying Guide 2022

Best Steam Mop Reviews ,Tips & Buying Guide

Here’s some of the more prominent brand models in the floor care sector. You’ll probably find many steam cleaner reviews for each of them, but we’ll discuss that later, in terms of what you should be looking for.

If you have a brand name you trust, then you can probably find steam cleaner reviews that discuss the pros and cons of some of their products. Using brand names to seek out the steam mop reviews applicable to their range, will help speed up the time it takes to find the information you need.

Hello. Welcome to my POST best steam mop reviews. If you are looking for the best hard floor steamer for home use, you are in luck.

Best Selling Steam Mop:

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1.Steamfast SF-294 Steam Mop

Steamfast is one of the best names in steam cleaner manufacturing and has recently brought out the Steamfast SF-294 Steam Mop to the market. This cleaning tool helps you to remove all traces of stains, spots and dirt from various types of surfaces. The machine gives you the benefit of various advanced features, such as steam mop, constant steam cleaning ability, large water tank capacity, variable steam control and versatile accessories.


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The review gives you a glimpse into various benefits and features of the Steamfast SF-294 Steam Mop. You can also understand how well the equipment is able to fare when matched with same types of machines from many other brands in the market.


  • Full Steam Cleaning – The machine gives you three in one advantage of handheld steam cleaner, steam mop and fabric steamer.
  • Large Tank Capacity – The cleaner consists of a large tank of 15 oz. capacity and you may add water to it at any time that you wish without waiting for the steamer to cool down.
  • Natural Cleaning – The product is able to help you to clean, sanitize and deodorize with only steam and does not use any toxic chemical. This ensures that your home is safe for small kids and pets.
  • Variable Steam Control – You will be able to control the amount of steam that is needed for various types of cleaning purposes.
  • Versatile Accessories – With different kinds of accessories, the machine allows you greater and enhanced ability to clean various kinds of surfaces with ease..


Many consumers have loved the Steamfast SF-294 Steam Mop and have posted many positive feedbacks and reviews for it on online store pages. It has been able to win the appreciation of a lot of buyers on web stores like Amazon, eBay and Walmart. This is got a 3.6 star rating on Amazon, 4 stars rating on Walmart and Costco and same types of high ratings on many other online stores. Many buyers have only positive feedbacks and reviews for this cleaner, mainly for its following features:

  • Full Natural Cleaning – Many buyers have loved the ability of the cleaning tool to sanitize homes with the help of only steam power and not use any toxic chemical.
  • Great Attachments – The cleaning equipment is available with a number of easy attachments that make the cleaning process very easy and convenient.
  • Portability – You will be able to move the cleaner about in an easy manner due to its light weight and compact design.
  • Robust Dirt Removing Ability – The machine can help you blast through grime and dirt which are tough to remove, with robust steam power.


When pitted against many similar types of cleaners from various other brands in the market, the Steamfast SF-294 3-In-1 Steam Mop fares quite well.


  • Ease Of Operations – During the cleaning process, you will be able to maneuver the cleaner in an easy manner and make it clean corners in a very easy manner.
  • Hard Surface Cleaning – The machine helps you to clean various hard surfaces, such as floors, in an easy manner.
  • Low Pricing – At around $50 in cost, the product is not high priced and is within the reach of buyers who keep looking for low-cost cleaning equipment for their houses.
  • Water Tank – The equipment comes with a constant fill water tank which can be filled quite easily at the time of cleaning.


  • Incomplete Removal – Some buyers have complained that the machine is unable to remove very tough stains at one go, and needs to be used for multiple times until they are completely gone.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Steamfast SF-294 Steam Mop can be a very good choice for your home. It has managed to fare very well when pitted against many other similar products in the market. It comes with the good reputation of Steamfast, which is one of the most reliable names in the manufacturing of top quality home cleaners. You can make use of this equipment to clean different types of surfaces in an easy manner. You will find it perfect for your day to day cleaning requirements.

2) Steamfast SF-162 Reviews Guidelines

Steamfast, a top name in the manufacturing of home cleaning products in the market. Has released the Steamfast SF-162 Steam Mop – a first-rate steam cleaning machine. With a lot of advanced features like telescopic pole, constant steam cleaning. Carpet glider accessory and microfiber cleaning pads. The machine can help you to clean in a professional manner. The review allows you a peek into the varied features and benefits of the cleaner.

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  • Carpet Glide – The machine has a carpet glide attachment which provides assistance in cleaning and sanitizing carpet surfaces and making them refreshed.
  • Constant Steam – The cleaner allows you get constant steam power that can help you to clean in an easy manner.
  • Natural Steam Cleaning – The product helps you to clean various surfaces like carpets, car interiors and upholstery without using any chemicals and making use of only steam power.


Many consumers have expressed their appreciation for the Steamfast SF-162 Steam Mop. The machine has been able to get 4 star rating on Amazon, 3.5 star rating on Walmart and 4 star rating on Homedepot online store. A lot of customers have expressed their appreciation for the following features:


  • Chemical-Free Cleaning – The machine cleans up various kinds of surfaces only with the help of steam and does not make use of any kind of harsh chemicals.
  • Constant Steam Cleaning – Buyers have appreciated the 1000-watt power of the steamer to produce steam on a constant basis and not needing the use of any manual pumping or steam triggers.
  • Effective Mopping – The cleaner has a more effective mop and the mop head allows you to get into seemingly inaccessible areas with a convenient swivel handle.
  • Telescopic Pole – You can easily adjust the telescopic pole of laminate flooring steam mop and make it ready for the cleaning process.


It has got a lot of positive reviews and comments on online stores like Home Depot, Amazon and Walmart. When pitted against similar kinds of cleaners, it is able to fare thus:


  • Complete Stain-Free Cleaning – With this cleaner, you can tidy up various surfaces very easily and get rid of all traces of dirt and stains after you are done with the cleaning.
  • Excellent Floor Cleaning – The machine is able to clean a number of hard floor surfaces like slate, marble, ceramic, linoleum and stained concrete.
  • Lightweight – With only 6 pounds of weight, the machine is light enough for you to be able to use easily at home.
  • Low Cost – The tool costs under $50 when bough online and you will be able to find it perfect for your house.
  • Variable Cleaning – You are able to use the cleaner to tidy up various types of surfaces like carpets, upholstery, floors and car interiors.


  • Low Warranty Period – Many buyers have the complaint that the 1 year warranty period of the cleaning tool is quite low as compared to what is offered by many competitors.
  • Short Cord Length – The cleaner does not have a long cord length and an extension cord is mandatory for you.

Is It A Good Choice?

When compared against rivals, the Steamfast SF-162 Steam Mop fares extremely well in various ways. The steam mop can help you to tidy up varied surfaces in an easy and time saving manner. The lightweight cleaner arrives with all the functionalities and features which can be expected from such a home cleaning equipment.

3) Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S3973D)

The Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop is a sturdy steam cleaning equipment which comes from Shark, one of the most trusted names in home cleaning manufacturing in the market. The machine comes with many advanced features like swivel heads, constant steam cleaning, microfiber cleaning pads and safe cleaning ability which can help you to clean in a professional manner.

The review helps you to take a look at the different features and benefits of the equipment and whether or not it can stand up to the features and performance of other cleaners from various other brands in the industry.

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  • Regular Tap Water Cleaning – The machine helps you to clean varied surfaces such as carpets, upholstery and car interiors and also sanitize them with the aid of only regular tap water.
  • Swivel Head – The cleaner comes with a triangular head that can swivel by 180 degrees and is able to clean even tight spaces quite easily.
  • Varied Uses – The steam-based machine is able to tidy up varied surfaces like bathroom, carpets, boats, hard floors, kitchen and motor vehicles.
  • Washable Microfiber Pads – The microfiber pads of this machine are long lasting. These can be washed and used again after cleaning sessions.


A lot of buyers have given their approvals to the Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop. The machine has been able to get 4 star rating on Homedepot and Amazon online stores. Buyers have given it a lot of appreciation for the following features:

  • Bacteria-Free Cleaning – The machine allows you to clean 99.9% of all bacteria and sanitize the floor with the help of super-heated steam, thus making your home safer.
  • Chemical-Free Natural Cleaning – Many consumers have also appreciated the ability of the steamer to clean up different types of surfaces with regular tap water only and not with any kind of harsh chemicals.
  • Easy Assembly – You will be able to easily assemble different parts of the product together and prepare the equipment for the cleaning process.
  • Robust Cleaning – The 1500 watt machine gives you super-heated steam that helps you make a professional level cleaning at home.


When pitted against same types of cleaners in the market, the Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop is able to stand up very well and can sometimes score over many of its rivals in a few aspects. It has been able to receive many positive comments and reviews on websites like Walmart and Amazon. When tested against same types of cleaners, it is able to stand up in the following way:


  • Chemical-Free Cleaning – By making use of only regular tap water, this cleaner is able to clean your house perfectly and without making use of any toxic chemicals.
  • Complete Stain-Free Cleaning – The machine allows you to clean a variety of surfaces in a complete manner and you will not find any stains or spots after the cleaning process is over.
  • Fast Drying Capability – The machine allows you to dry the cleaned surfaces very fast.
  • Lightweight – The lightweight body of this machine makes you able to operate the equipment in an easy manner.
  • Low Cost – The tool costs a little over $50 when purchased over the web stores. You can find it a comfortable purchase for your house.
  • Variable Cleaning – You can tidy up different kinds of surfaces, such as floors, upholstery, carpets and car interiors.


  • Bad Handle – Some buyers have criticized the handle of the cleaner and the fact that is wobbly and can break easily.
  • Low Warranty Period – A lot of consumers have reported that they have disliked the 1 year warranty period of the cleaning equipment.
  • Short Cord Length – The cord length of the cleaner is not too long for cleaning a larger area and makes looking for another plug point mandatory for you.

Is It A Good Choice?

When pitted against competitors, the Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop fares very well in a number of ways. The steam mop is able to clean up various surfaces and its parts can easily be assembled in the lowest possible time.

4)  Shark S3501 Pocket Reviews

The Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop is a powerful steam cleaner that comes with chemical free sanitization capability, swivel steering, XL water capacity, 2 sided cleaning and other interesting features to help do the cleaning easily and more quickly. This review takes a look at some of the most essential features and benefits of the product as well as whether or not it manages to match up to or top its competitors in the market.

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  • 2-Sided Cleaning – The presence of the Shark Steam pockets allows 2 sided cleaning of the surfaces that you use the product on.
  • Chemical-Free Sanitization – The steam mop is able to sanitize without the use of any chemical and keep your floor and other surfaces safe.
  • SmartSet Steam Control – It can help clean light to heavy dirt.
  • Swivel Steering – The cleaner is able to clean corners and parts of furniture with the help of swivel steering ability.
  • XL Water Capacity – The water tank is able to retain more water and makes the cleaning easier and better for you. You will not need to make frequent trips to the sink.


Many buyers have a lot of nice things to say about the Shark S3501 Steam Mop. Most of the responses of customers have been extremely positive on Amazon, Walmart and other web stores of good repute. Consumers have mostly praised the following things about the equipment:

  • 99.9% Non-Chemical Sanitization – The equipment has been reported to clean surfaces well and sanitize them effectively by 99.9% without the use of chemicals.
  • Easy Assembly – A lot of buyers have loved the fact that the various parts of the cleaner can be easily assembled together in a few minutes.
  • Ease Of Use – The lightweight cleaner can be easily operated and pushed. Even old and infirm individuals will be able to use it quite easily and not encounter any difficulties during the process.
  • Good Storage – The compact design of this cleaner makes it better for storage purposes.


When tested against other similar products in the market, this Shark S3501 Steam Mop fares quite well. The machine has got 3 ½ star ratings on websites like Amazon and Walmart. When pitted against products of the same type from other brands, it fares in the following manner:


  • Good For Hard Floor Surfaces – The equipment is perfect for cleaning hard floor surfaces like vinyl, linoleum, sealed hardwood or tiles.
  • Lengthy Power Cord – The cord length of this cleaner is 25’ which allows you to cover more surface from a single power source. You will not have to switch to another power plug source soon enough.
  • Lightweight – The machine has a light weight which makes it perfect for using and carrying easily around the home.
  • Low Cost – The equipment costs less than $100 and it can be purchased by even buyers from lower class or middle class homes.
  • Swivel Steering – The swivel steering ability of this equipment allows 180 degree cleaning. This makes your cleaning free of hassles.


  • Limited Warranty – The product comes with a limited warranty period of only 1 year, which is less than what many other items of the same type are offering.
  • Non-Versatile – Some consumers have complained about the fact that the steam pocket mop is not able to clean varied surfaces with ease.
  • Quality Issues – Some buyers have also commented that a few parts of the cleaner are of low quality and can break down easily.


Is It A Good Choice?

The lightweight product has about everything that you may expect from a cleaner of this price range. The cleaner is able to work perfectly and is great value for money. In the event that you are not looking for a versatile cleaner that can work on any kind of surface, this can be a good tool for you to buy. It can be effective for cleaning various types of surfaces and can do it well for sure.

5)Shark S5003D Genius Hard Floor Reviews

The Shark S5003D Steam Mop is a top of the line steam cleaner which has been made by shark, one of the most trusted names in home cleaning equipment manufacturing business. The tool helps you in removing spots, stains and dirt from different types of surfaces.

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The cleaner boasts of a number of interesting features such as chemical free natural cleaning, steam powered cleaning, varied floor surface cleaning ability, long cord, fingertip controls and reusable microfiber pads which make it perfect for many home owners. This review helps you to take a peek into the varied features and benefits of the Shark S5003D  Steam Mop and find out whether or not it can stand up to its competitors from different brands that are trusted in the market.


  • Chemical-Free Cleaning – The product can help you to clean a variety of surfaces without using any toxic chemical and leaving no toxic residues or fumes. With fingertip Controls, it gives you added advantage in cleaning.
  • Long Cord – The cleaner has a cord that is 25 foot long and can be ideal for helping you to clean a large area before looking for another power source.
  • Microfiber Pads – The machine comes with microfiber pads which can be used again after the cleaning process.
  • Portability – The lightweight equipment allows you to carry it about the home easily without having the slightest discomfort.
  • Robust Steam Technology – The machine emits powerful steam on hard floor surfaces for about 5 seconds to make them clean and get sanitized.


With a lot of positive feedbacks, reviews and high ratings on online stores like Walmart, eBay and Amazon from many buyers, the Shark S5003D  Steam Mop is in the news. The cleaner has got a 4 ½ star rating on Amazon and similar kinds of high ratings on various other online stores. Many customers have posted excellent reviews for the cleaner on these store pages, which show that it can be perfect for the cleaning requirements of most homes. A lot of buyers have expressed their positive responses about the features mentioned here:

  • Compact Design – With a sturdy and compact design, the machine is a perfect fit for cleaning varied types of surfaces in a perfect manner.
  • Deep Cleaning Ability – A lot of buyers have praised the ability of the cleaner to tidy up many different kinds of floor surfaces as well as surfaces like carpets, upholstery and car interiors. Once you have finished the cleaning process, you are unlikely to find any spots or stains left over in the surface that you have just cleaned.
  • Easy Assembly – Its various parts can easily be assembled and the equipment can quickly be made ready for the cleaning requirements of your house.


On being tested against a lot of other cleaners from different brands in the same feature and price range, the  Shark S5003D  Steam Mop is found to stand up quite well. When pitted against some of the most popular in a similar segment, it fares like this:


  • Long Cord Length – The 25 feet long cord allows you to clean a large area during the cleaning process before you need another plug point for cleaning another area in your home.
  • Natural Cleaning – The product helps you to clean a variety of areas without requiring any chemical. The Shark S5003D  Steam Mop is able to remove all traces of dirt, grime and stains from various surfaces.


  • Difficulty In Controlling – In spite of having a low weight and good enough design, the machine can be a little difficult to control at the time of the cleaning process. This is especially true for individuals who are older.
  • High Price Tag – With slightly over $100 in cost online, the product has a steep price tag that can make it a very costly choice for those who need low-cost cleaning equipment for homes.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Shark S5003D  Steam Mop tool is a perfect choice for homes, although its high price tag can make a lot of buyers turn back. However, if you do not mind the costs, this cleaning equipment can help you get a lot to do an efficient cleaning and will be a good buy. The Shark S5003D  Steam Mop, due to its amazing features, can be ideal for many homes.

6.Bissell 1867-7 Steam Mop

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The Bissell 1867-7 Steam Mop is one of the latest products from Bissell and has been designed to remove dirt and stains from hard floor surfaces with ease. The cleaner boasts of a number of excellent features like 360 degree swivel mop head, fast release cord wrap, electric mop and microfiber mop pads that make it ideal for use. This review contains information about the features and benefits of the product and whether it is able to match up to the standards of the various top of the line cleaners from other brands in the market.


  • Hard Floor Cleaning – The steam mop only cleans hard-floor surfaces with the help of steam.
  • Natural Cleaning – It also offers a completely natural and deep cleaning without any residues, fumes or chemicals.
  • Reusable Mop Pads – It features a couple of microfiber mop pads which are reusable.


The cleaner has been able to earn for itself four star ratings from Bestbuy, 4 stars in Amazon and 4.2 stars in Walmart. It has got a lot of positive comments, feedbacks and ratings from customers who have used the product at home and checked it out for days and posted their feedbacks about their satisfaction level with the cleaner. Consumers have given positive ratings to the following aspects of the cleaner:

  • Easy Assembly – Customers have also loved the fact that its various parts can be assembled easily and it can be set up within a few minutes and made ready to use.
  • Good Power Cord Length – The length of the power cord is 18” which is far enough and you can easily use it to clean a sizeable area.
  • Low Weight – The cleaner is said to have a low weight which helps you to carry it about your home quite easily. This portable equipment can be carried around by homemakers with ease.
  • Powerful Cleaning – Its cleaning ability has been determined to be robust and it reportedly leaves no traces on the floors and can even remove stubborn stains and spots.


The product has been able to fare well when pitted against many other similar products from various other brands. The high number of ratings, feedbacks and reviews that the product has received has been able to prove that it is preferable over various similar products from other brands. When matched with competing products, it has been able to fare thus:


  • Easy To Store – With the product being compact and small sized, you can easily store it in a small space.
  • Excellent Tank Capacity – The tank of the cleaner has a 17.5 ounce capacity and you can find it easy to mop a sizeable surface area without having to go to a sink frequently.
  • Good Price – The product can be purchased in much less than $100 and you will be able to find it an affordable purchase decision for yourself.
  • Good Sanitization – The cleaner can sanitize hard floor surfaces like vinyl, tile and linoleum. You can find it leaving no traces of dirt.
  • Only Water Cleaning – The cleaner does not use any costly solutions or chemicals and only relies on water for cleaning purposes.


  • Short Cord – Although many customers have been satisfied with the length of the power cord, a few buyers have been dissatisfied with the 18” length and wished it were longer.
  • Short Warranty – The product has a short warranty period of only about a year which can be a downer for some consumers.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Bissell 1867-7 Steam Mop can be a great choice when you test it against similar products from other brands. Where customer reviews and ratings go, this equipment is an effective tool in carrying out the task. If you live in a dusty home or one that is filled with pet hair often, the equipment can help you to do a good cleaning job. The product has been able to keep up the good reputation of its manufacturer Bissell, which is a top rated maker of many high quality cleaners. If you live in a highly polluted area, the cleaner can be very useful for you. The fact that it costs less makes this equipment even more interesting and attractive. You can easily purchase it and not need to worry about going over your budget. For middle class home owners, it can be an effectual cleaning tool for removing many tough stains and spots.

Why steam mops are the Emperor of clean floors?

If you have never used a steam mop before, you’ll be surprised at how popular this thing has become in recent years, it’s easy to pick up one at your local store, from QVC, or through online market place like The truth of matter is, steam mop is the ultimate solution to spotless and sanitized floors, what it picks up is tremendous and no comparison to old-fashioned way of mopping. and no pail of water to deal with.

A water tank or reservoir is included which usually takes up 10 to 30 oz of water, when the mop starts to work, it first heat up the water to high temperature (from 110 to 220 Celsius degrees) to produce enough hot steam, which will then moisten and penetrate the mop pad to reach the floor surface while you’re mopping around, during this process, dirt and stains will be picked up, bacteria and dust mites will be killed, and a shining floor surface will be restored.

Pros and cons of steam mops

The types of material steam mops are designed to clean are vinyl, tile, sealed wood and laminate flooring, but it is not meant to clean cork flooring, unsealed wood or unglazed tile. Using a steam mop on a waxed floor can melt the wax which can leave a haze. Despite owners reporting great results, experts advise caution when using a steam mop on a wood or laminate floor. Uneven floors with depressions or deep grout lines, for example slate or tile floors, can pose problems for steam mops as they won’t be able to penetrate the groove in the grout due to the flat-bottomed design.

It may take some time to get comfortable using a steam mop according to some owners. When looking at steam mops, it is important to consider that some are more likely to leave a floor wet. It is something that wood floor owners need especially keep in mind when looking at steam mops.  Steam mops vary in regard with how many holes they have steam coming out from. Those with more holes spouting steam, according to reviewers, are less likely to leave behind excess water on the floor when compared to steam mops with one hole for steam to escape.

Steam mops can sanitize, but if you want to kill germs with high heat, most mops must be kept in one place for eight to 15 seconds. This makes moping an entire floor take a great deal of time, especially if it is a large area. Additionally, the longer a steam mop is left in one area, though, the greater the chance for floor damage, which is why most manufacturers caution against leaving mops in place for more than 15 to 20 seconds. This is due in part to the wattage of the device, which varies from 800 to 1,500 watts. It also depends on the design, including water heating method (boiling tank vs. water pumped past a heating element), the amount of steam holes the mop head has and the distance from the floor the water is heated. Only a select few steam-mop models generate enough heat at floor level to sanitize effectively.

Should I pick a multi-functional or a single-purpose steam mop?

From the comparison chart above, you’ll get a general idea of various steam mop types, some just have the basic function of mopping, while others are more versatile, for instance, Shark Navigator Elite Professional Vac or Steam Rotator is an innovative vacuum steamer that combines the function of a vacuum cleaner with a steam mop, which completes the task of vacuuming and mopping in one unit. Some steam mops also come with a hand held steamer, making cleaning upholstery a snap.

These type of all-in-one steam mops are gaining popularity in the market, however, consumers express contradictory opinions, some think it’s convenient to use and store, others suspect it being a Jack of all trades and master of none. For example, some allows you to sweep and steam simultaneously, which doesn’t require a separate tool before steaming, however, there is no proof that these type of mops performs better and pick up dry debris with more ease.

All in all, it’s all up to you to decide, my suggestion is to focus on your primary goal, if owning the fewest cleaning units to fit a limited house space is your goal, or if you don’t mind carry some extra weight from add-on accessories, then go for a multi-tasker, otherwise, a regular steam mop will meet your needs.

How to pick an ideal steam mop? Steam mop buying guide

The way our homes are being cleaned is being revolutionized by the cleaning power of Steam. When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing hard floor surfaces, steam mops are a huge step towards improvement over the old fashion methods of cloth and sponge. It can be a daunting task with all the models and features available to shop for a steam mop. To ease the process more here are some useful tips.

  1. What are the steam mop size and weight? Take a test run of the steam mop in the store to ensure the size and weight feels comfy to you. Consider possible options that make the steamer easier to use and store. Some such options include a removal water tank for filling at the sink and a telescoping or fold-down handle.
  2. What are the accessories? Check to see what accessories or attachments are included with the steam mop you are interested in. Some models include a carpet glider, which allows the steam mop to be used on carpeting to freshen the matted fibers. Other attachments worth considering are brushes to scrub grout and a squeegee to clean windows and mirrors.
  3. What are the settings? It may be important to you to have a steam mop with adjustable steam levels, so that you can tailor the steam output to the type of flooring you’re cleaning as well as the dirt buildup.  One of the newest settings on steam cleaners is the ability to sweep up debris before or during steaming. This enables you do save time by skipping the pre-sweep step before steaming the floors.
  4. Is sanitation important? One of the main benefits of steam is that it can kill germs. If this is one of your goals, make sure you choose a mop that heats the steam to a temperature hot enough to do so with reasonable speed. Ideally, you want a temperature that is going to allow you to sweep across the floor cleaning, not have to hold the mop in one place for several seconds unmoving while it sanitizes.
  5. What is your flooring type? While steam mops are advertised for all manners of floors, they will behave differently on different flooring types. For the best results, make sure you understand what type of flooring you have and do thorough research on how others with that type of floor have liked the product you have in mind. The last thing you want is to buy a product that ends up leaving streaks on your floors.
  6. Is the handle design and length comfortable? Handles vary from model to model. Some are adjustable, while others are a fixed length which could be difficult to use. Handles also have design variations, with some being more ergonomic than others. To find out which is best for you, try some out in the store.
  7. What are the weight and working time tradeoffs? It might be tempting to purchase a lightweight steam mop that is less tiring to push around, but you need to take into consideration that a lighter mop usually means a smaller reservoir for water. You must ask yourself if a lighter weight mop is worth the effort of having to fill up the reservoir more frequently.
  8. When steam cleaning large areas, it is generally best to use a steam mop with a larger water reservoir. A major complaint from some owners with large rooms relates to too short of working time between refills. For smaller rooms, it typically doesn’t matter what size the reservoir is, but for large areas, reviews recommend a large reservoir.
  9. Filling the reservoir should be easy. Some reviewers favor a removable reservoir that is filled in the sink, while others find this difficult and prefer filling the reservoir directly on the steam mop.
  10. Warming up the steam mop saves time, especially on large areas. The difference between waiting 30 seconds and three minutes may not be a great deal of time if you have to wait once each time you mop — but if you need to refill the reservoir during each mopping session, the additional time will be inconvenient.
  11. Is a cool-down necessary between refills? This is another factor that can add to cleaning time if you are cleaning an area that is big enough that you need to refill the reservoir. Several minutes of cool down are required for some steam mops while others offer continuous refilling.
  12. How long is the cord? Owners report that it is a big pain to switch outlets within the same room, especially if they have to disturb the freshly mopped floor to reach the outlet. While extension cords can be used, it is important to make sure to use an appropriate one, as there are reports of steam mops to short-circuit with some extension cords.
  13. Good cord management will help keep the cord out of your way and off the floor. In some steam mop models, there are built-in cord holders to keep the cord off the floor and make it easier to manage.
  14. What kind of switch to use? Steam mops can be controlled by triggers, on-off buttons, pumping handles, or floor pedal on-off switches. Steam mops with triggers tend to have more possible control but can be exhausting to use. An on-off button is uncomplicated but can leave floors excessively wet. A Pumping handle can be strenuous, especially if you’re cleaning a large area. Generally, floor pedal on-off switches are rather simple to use.
  15. Swiveling or pivoting heads are easier to maneuver around odd shapes such as toilets and under appliances. If you want to clean under cabinet fronts or furniture, make sure that the map head is not too thick.
  16. Is the cover easy to attach? To save time and frustration, a cover that attaches with hook and loop tape (like Velcro) can be used. To prevent shrinking of the covers make sure to air dry.
  17. What if I need to return it? It is best to buy from a retailer with a good return policy. No product is without faults. We found reports of faulty mops across brands and models. Just in case you are one of those unlucky few that need the exchange you want to be able to use it.
  18. Will I need more covers? Yes. Make sure to budget for extra microfiber covers. Unless you have a very small area that you mop at a time, you’ll probably want more than the typical two covers that come with most steam mops. Reviewers recommend changing the mop cover at least every 10 minutes due to moisture buildup in order to prevent the floor from getting too wet.
  19. What about filtered steam mops? This is an option that can add to the cost of your steam mop. A steam mop’s filter will usually need to be replaced about once every six months, and prices vary among brands ($10 to $15).
  20. Should I use tap water or distilled water in the reservoir? Buying and using distilled water in the reservoir may save money in the long term. Many manufacturers suggest filling a steam mop’s reservoir with distilled water rather than tap water to prevent mineral buildup which is found in tap water, which may result in malfunctions.

Type of steam cleaner

You have to know the type of steam cleaner you’re after though. You can determine that by considering what it is you’ll be using it for and looking for answers from others to see how they feel it shaped up when they used it.

  • Will you be using to clean your kitchen floor?
  • Maybe want to steam your carpets?
  • Want a steam cleaning solutions for your clothes and upholstery?
  • Or perhaps it’s just to make light work of cleaning the cooker?

Those are just a few questions that will help you determine the type of steam cleaner you need.

Some highlight that for those with mobility problems, the weight isn’t ideal. Then you have others where you can find that there are people with severe mobility problems are finding that they’re getting their independence back a little by being able to do their own cleaning and not relying on help. Those are the real gems of steam mop reviews. When you see how efficiently they’re helping people.Once you have decided the tasks you’ll be using it for, then you need to think of your physical capabilities.

Steam cleaners have different weights. When it comes to cleaning your carpets, some can take a bit more pushing to get them going, than others. That’s something that steam cleaner reviews from previous customers can help you determine.

Multi purpose Products

For those of you who have busy schedules and want an all round solution, then the best steam cleaner for you is going to be one that serves multiple purposes.

  • Cookers
  • Windows
  • Hard floors
  • Carpets
  • Upholstery
  • Tiles
  • Grout

The list goes on but those are the main features of some of the more prominent multi-purpose steam cleaners.For those types of tasks, then you will want to find out about the accessories you are getting with your purchase. If you need to buy additional items, consider how easy it is to get your hands on them.

You’ll often find this information through the steam cleaner reviews, by others who have had to purchase them in the past. The benefit here is that you can get a reasonable expectation to how long your accessories will last. Most cleaners come with a supply of a couple of cloths. Some of them fabrics and others are microfibre.

Cloths for steam mops

Those details are also widely available through steam mop reviews across the net.

  • Tip: Microfibre cloths are better to do your floors with as they help it dry out as you go.
  • Caution: Check your floor type before buying a steam cleaner. If you have porous unglazed porcelain tiles in home, then even the best steam cleaner you can find will still leave it wet.

The problem with those is that the glazed material makes them water resistant. Therefore, it’s still going to be wet when you’re finished. Some people find that out too late, and you’ll no doubt find that out on some of the steam mop reviews that have been done.

Folks complaining that their floors are soaking when they’ve steamed them, and often that’s the reason why. So check your floor types first or look through some steam cleaner reviews, pertaining the floor type you have.If you do have that glazed tiles, then you’ll need to check with the manufacturer to find out if it’s compatible with your floor type.

The motor size is another important area to pay attention too. The lower the wattage the less powerful the steam cleaner will be. You can get them going up to 1800-watt motors, which will give you a super fast heat up time, as well as a longer running time.

The higher the wattage, the more steam cleaning you can do. Therefore, those are ideal for multi-purpose cleaning chores. That would mean a multi-functional and versatile machine would probably be the best steam cleaner for you.Of course, with the higher watt, there’s added weight. So you’ll need to consider that too. Unless, the model you’re looking at uses a hose and small base with wheels, which you don’t have to push around.

sleek and sexy steam mop reviews

For smaller and more lightweight designs, you can find that they serve the purpose of one particular use, rather than a variety of cleaning chores.An example of that is one that is designed only for floors. You’ll know from the accessories that’s listed if you can do anything else.

You also have the option of just getting a small, portable handheld steam cleaner too. These are ideal when you just need to clean the cooker or if you want to freshen up your bathroom.By knowing your options and considering what you need, you’ll be better prepared to sift through the steam mop reviews and find the best steam cleaner that’s right for you.