Are You Shopping for the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Are You Shopping for the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

If you are shopping for a new vacuum cleaner then you better be prepared for information overload. You are going to be bombarded with Ads for dozens of vacuum manufacturers and hundreds of models. We hope this vacuum cleaner buyers guide and the reviews will help make your search much easier and save you tons of time.

All of our situations may be different. Some folks may be looking for the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. While others are looking for the best vacuum for stairs. The reviews and ratings found on this site will help your selection but you need to know where to start. We just recently released our 2014 best vacuum cleaner list to assist those that are looking for something more specific.

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Our Vacuum Cleaner Reviews are Well Researched and Unbiased

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal and a big price tag doesn’t mean they are the best choice for the job. In many cases, hardwood floors, tile, carpet, rugs, stairs, and furniture all require a different approach.

Here is a little sneak peek at the features and attributes we will be analyzing in our vacuum cleaner reviews and ratings.

Reviews and Rating Criteria

  • Price – We are not looking for cheap but we do expect to get what we pay for
  • Amps – The bigger the motor means the more amps required and this should translate into a stronger performing vacuum.
  • Airflow – The more air the vacuum can move might possibly translate late into a great amount of suction power.
  • Bag – Bag or bagless both have their place
  • Pet Hair – This is the toughest test and one area where very vacuum cleaners rank. Keep reading to find out which vacuum cleaner is best with pet hair.
  • Hardwood Floors – Combine hardwood floors with pet hair and you have a situation that makes most homeowners cringe. Which vac ranks the best in this category.
  • Noise – We should not have to wear hearing protection to clean our floors.

Canister Vacs are Popular

A canister vacuum is great because it adapts quickly to any job you throw at it. The motor and bag are contained in a small case and a hose is connected to a long wand. This wand can quickly and easily be used on hardwood floors or carpets then lifted and used immediately on the sofa or curtains.

People Love Upright Vacuums

An upright vacuum is nimble but not quite as versatile as a canister. Uprights can move from room to room like a cheetah. But don’t expect to make this switch to stairs or furniture with the same ease. In our vacuum reviews, we found attachments on many to be quite disappointing.

Stick Vacs are the Easiest of All

The hitman of vacs must be the stick vac. They are lightweight and can jump from job to job with ease. Almost all stick vacs are cordless but this means they are not as powerful as their corded upright cousins. They normally have tunnel vision and are best suited for one job. Bare floors and light carpet are where they do their best work. Homeowners love having one handy for daily high traffic area cleaning.

Are Attachments Necessary

Speaking of attachments, we will take a much closer look at these valuable tools in our vacuum reviews. Carpets and floors are always the main focus when shopping for the best vac. After all, this is going to make up the lion’s share of the work. Attachments can save the day and make short work out of cleaning the kitchen drawers, sucking under the cushions of the sofa, cleaning the computer table, the car interior, and dusting way behind the dryer.

Are Bagless Vacuums The Best

Don’t be fooled by the marketing masters. We have found that traditional vacuums with bags can perform just as well as bagless vacuums. Not having to buy replacement bags is a huge plus. We also like the idea of just being able to dump the collection containers and keep on cleaning. One of our visitors also pointed out that finding a small item like a piece of jewelry is just easier with a bagless model.

More Amps Does Not Mean More Power and Better Cleaning

This is another design feature that was forced down our throats for years. In fact, most packaging and decals have motor amps or horsepower stamped predominately in bold type. Higher amps can mean a stronger motor but this data is not directly proportional to the amount of airflow and suction created by the vacuum.

Airflow = ACFM

Airflow is a much better indicator of vacuum cleaner performance. Just think of this as the force that moves along the floor’s surface that picks up dust and dirt. Since airflow is a direct result of motor amps, motor size, bag configuration, filter pressure drop and system resistance this measurement can provide the consumer with a better base for side-by-side comparison.