Best Vacuum To Clean Mattress

Mattresses are one of the most overlooked items in people’s homes, but they spend 13 years of their lives on them. However, this mentality of replacing an old one when it has seen better days is wrong.

You should pay close attention to your mattresses and clean them as often as you can. To do so, you should purchase a mattress vacuum cleaner. Dust, debris, and allergens that have accumulated over time can be easily cleaned away with this product.

You and your family may suffer health problems if allergens, debris, and dust accumulate. There are  best mattress vacuum cleaners that will ensure the safety of your home in this article.

1. SOWTECH Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum To Clean Mattress

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We start our list with the amazing Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner made by SOWTECH. The vacuum has a pro-cyclone system, which is one of the reasons it is on this list.

Your mattress will be cleaned of 99% of mites, debris, dust and pet hair that may have accumulated over time. You can also perform a variety of cleaning tasks effectively with the 6 accessories included.

There is no need to worry if you have a baby at home or someone sensitive to noise. This vacuum cleaner features noise reduction technology so you can clean without getting complaints. Because it is cordless, you do not have to worry about wires getting in your way and it is lightweight.

SOWTECH’s Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is very lightweight and removes dust, debris, and mites.

  • An affordable and cordless device

  • Battery is rechargeable

  • Efficacious and lightweight
  • Gets rid of dust, debris, and mites
  • It comes with six cleaning accessories
  • There is no noise
  • A wonderful gift for family and friends
  • Battery charging takes a long time

2.RAYCOP LITE UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum

Best Vacuum To Clean Mattress

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Raycop Lite Vacuum for Mattress includes some of the most technologically advanced features among handheld vacuums available today. It also has a UV lamp to kill allergens, bed bugs, dust and various other bacteria. The Raycop Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is different, however, in that the wavelength of the UV light used has been adjusted and confirmed by lab tests to guarantee its pest-killing efficiency.

Results show that even the tiniest of microorganisms, including E-coli and Staphylococcus, cannot pass through under the UV activity of Raycop vacuums. Every bugging organism is killed within 1-2 seconds of exposure, whether it be a microbe or an allergen.

This embedded dust, as well as microorganisms, are frequently missed by even high-pressure suction. The Lite portable vacuum cleaner from Raycop has pulsating pads to overcome this drawback. The squeezing pads shake at a frequency of 4,600-5,000 hertz while the suction is active to mix and loosen all the tightly-stuck dust particles.

Consequently, there is a 3 times better extraction of irritants and dust in comparison with conventional vacuum cleaners of comparable suction power. The Raycop Handheld Vacuum, like any top of the line hoover for mattresses, has a HEPA filter system that captures even the tiniest particles such as animal dander, plant pollen, and also smoke.

Compared to the designs we have looked at so far, these portable vacuums weigh a bit more. Although Raycop Handheld Filter is heavier, you will not experience this additional weight since you press and move it against the mattress/upholstery surfaces rather than lifting it.

  • A calibrated UV wavelength results in mite termination of 100%
  • Vibration and suction ensure optimal dust collection
  • Easy to use like an iron
  • Cannot be used as a standalone vacuum
  • Cleaning is hindered by corded configurations

3.Sowtech Vacuum for Mattress – Most Versatile Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum To Clean Mattress

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Our above reviews reveal that all of the products share the same con – there are no extension hoses available to reach into tight spaces. The Sowtech Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Mattress stands out from all of them because it is designed specifically to clean narrow spaces. The Sowtech handheld vacuum cleaner has a vertical rod-shaped construction, in contrast to other handheld vacuums with horizontal or expanded frames.

In addition, it comes with six different types of extensions, so you can use it on any type of material or surface. The vacuum even has a crevice extension so dust and dirt can be removed from the narrowest spaces. Sowtech’s Cordless Vacuum for Mattress has also been designed with an elongated shape to make it one of the lightest vacuums around.

Its powerful 4,000-mAh battery, which functions for 40 minutes without stopping, is another intriguing feature of the Sowtech Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Mattress. Using a vacuum cleaner that covers large areas at once can accomplish an extensive vacuuming job.  

A common feature of all the models previously reviewed is the HEPA filtration system. As well here, Sowtech Cordless Vacuum seems different from the rest. There is no HEPA filter; instead, it has a stainless steel filter that offers better results and includes a washable sieve, so you do not need to replace the filter every two years or three years.

Sowtech has taken great care to create a product that is as convenient as possible. This handheld vacuum cleaner not only offers multiple hoses, but also has a long-handle design that produces the least noise. Suction motors produce a low sound of 75 dB so you can use them on mattresses without disturbing the person sleeping on the same mattress.

A 4.2-star customer rating is available on Amazon for this versatile handheld vacuum cleaner for mattresses. It shows that users are pleased with its versatility. 

  • Equipped with more efficient and easy-to-maintain steel filters
  • With the narrow-body, you can work in narrow spaces
  • Operation without noise
  • The power of the suction could be improved
  • Dust mites cannot be killed by UV sanitization chambers

4.Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum

Best Vacuum To Clean Mattress

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This Shark WandVac is designed for those times when you need to clean up a mess fast, and it can be used as a handheld cleaner with various attachments, or in stick mode with a 28cm-wide floor head for cleaning larger areas quickly.

When it’s handheld, it weighs under 1kg, and it’s easy to maneuver when it’s in stick mode – in stick mode, according to Shark, the US model weighs 5.8lbs, while the UK model weighs 3kg. The US model is slightly lighter, thanks to its slightly different head design. 

You can slot attachments into the vacuum until they click into place, and then put it together. For use as a stick vacuum, the Shark WandVac’s anti-hair-wrap floor head has self-cleaning silicone fins instead of traditional brushes .

With a flour mixture designed to resemble fine dust and dirt, we tested the WandVac on hard floors. The vacuum quickly sucked up everything in its path, but it did cause some dust to settle. Scatter small crumbs further away. In carpeting, the cleaner worked very well with the mixture and we didn’t need to use the Boost mode. 

The WandVac is said to work for 16 minutes as a portable vacuum cleaner, which is pretty short compared to other vacuums, but should do the trick if you just need to clean up a few crumbs or tidy your car. 

  • Lightweight
  • Good range of accessories
  • Neat storage and charging stand
  • Short battery life
  • No replaceable battery

5.IRIS USA 596942 IC-FAC2 Mattress and Furniture Vacuum

Best Vacuum To Clean Mattress

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The vacuum cleaner has been perfectly designed to clean mattresses, and the best part is that it has a very long cord. If you do not like cords and think that they just get in the way, this is not the cleaner for you.

While this clear does have some drawbacks, it can still be used to clean your stairs, sofas, mattresses and more. Having a long cord means you can reach certain areas of your house that are hard to reachHaving these sensors enable you to see how much dust is on the surface you are cleaning, and since it is light, you can maneuver it easily..

This cleaner has dust sensors that allow you to see how much dust you are cleaning, and it is lightweight, so it can be easily maneuvered.

  • The product is very easy to use
  • Product for handheld use
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Cord is very long
  • The cord can be a tripping hazard

6.Kenmore 81214 200 Series Canister Vacuum

Best Vacuum To Clean Mattress

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The Kenmore 200 Series canister vacuum is a bagged model that cleans all surfaces and removes pet hair. With the fingertip controls on the handle, you can adjust both the brush roll agitator and suction power with this sturdy vacuum cleaner.

In addition, a foot pedal lets you adjust the floor head, so you can get the close-range suction you need for your carpets and hardwood floors.

You can use three quick-attach tools mounted on the adjustable wand to vacuum the whole house with the Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum.

With the HEPA filter, you can make sure that dust and dirt you collect don’t get into the air as you clean. The 200 Series has convenient features like retractable cords and on-board attachment compartments that make storing it easy.

  • This vacuum is the cheapest of the bunch, making it good value for money.
  • This vacuum is considered to have great suction by most buyers.
  • Due to its light weight and design, this vacuum is easy to use.
  • This vacuum is easy to store due to its compact design.
  • Buyers appreciate the attachments included.
  • The noise level is perceived as quite high by some buyers.
  • The on/off switch is located only on the canister, so it is difficult to use on e.g. stairs.
  • Some buyers experienced the cord periodically rewinding itself.

7.BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

We tested several cordless handheld vacuums, and we believe the Black+Decker BDH2000PL has the best suction (outside of the Dyson Humdinger, our upgrade pick). This vacuum picks up cereal, dust, sand, and other common messes easily, and it’s strong enough to pick up pet hair without special tools. Even though the Pivot’s no-fade run time is below average, its powerful suction makes up for that. With the extra cleaning power, you’ll be able to clean a three-row minivan or SUV in that day’s run.

 It is easier to reach crevices, such as between car seats, with the pivoting nozzle than the traditional Dustbuster. A 20-volt battery from BLACK+DECKER powers this handheld vacuum, which has enough power to suction large pieces of debris, including chips. Moreover, its long crevice tool makes cleaning tight spaces easier and easier around corners.

  • Easy to clean high-traffic areas.
  • Cleans your floors of dirt, dust, and other debris.
  • It has two speeds plus POWERBOOST for an extra burst of cleaning power.
  • The suction is so weak that it barely picks anything up off the floor.

8.ToastyHouse Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum To Clean Mattress

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This cleaner also features 20% more power than other cleaners on the market when it comes to its UV light. Also, the HEPA system in the mattress keeps it clean and dry by getting rid of 99% of germs.

Rugs, sofas, carpets, mattresses, bedding, and more can all be cleaned with this product. This vacuum cleaner’s powerful suction makes it a great choice for a product which can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Because they know quality is guaranteed, manufacturers are very confident in their product. If you have someone in your family suffering from asthma, this is a worthwhile investment.

  • Powerful suction
  • Suitable for carpets, mattresses, sofas, and bedding
  • A product that is efficient
  • HEPA filter traps 99.9% of germs
  • Provides a 20% more powerful UV light
  • An unreliable product

9.LivePure Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

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The Ultramite UV HEPA Allergen Vacuum from LivePure is on this list because it has been recommended by doctors. In addition to removing bacteria, dust mites, pet hair, and pollen, they recommend it.

With this vacuum, you can clean furniture, curtains, mattresses, and bedding. UV light is known to kill 99.9% of microorganisms found on your property.

Furthermore, it has powerful motors that provide incredible suction and is quite gentle on fabrics and pillows. You won’t go wrong when you purchase this mattress vacuum cleaner if you have a pet that jumps on your bed from time to time.

  • The best all-purpose cleaner ever
  • UV light and powerful motor
  • This is good for people with asthma because dust mites and other allergens are eliminated
  • Doctors highly recommend this product
  • A gentle touch on the pillows
  • Quite heavy

Vacuum Cleaner for Mattresses Buying Guide

I believe it’s important to describe some of the reasons why homeowners ought to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner for mattresses before we proceed any further.

A vacuum cleaner for mattresses is essential for your home for three major reasons.

Firstly, keep your mattress and bedroom dust-free

The point of using a mattress vacuum cleaner is to get rid of fine particles of dust that accumulate in the mattress lining over the course of time, just as regular vacuum cleaners do on floors. You might think that you can accomplish this with your regular vacuum cleaner without spending money on another vacuum cleaner.

This is a great thought, but the truth is that a regular floor vacuum cleaner can’t remove all the dust from a mattress because its suction pump isn’t designed to remove the tiniest dust particles. In contrast, vacuum cleaners designed specifically for mattresses are fitted with agitators and suckers that are able to agitate and draw out all the fine dust particles and even microorganisms that cause allergies.

In case anyone in your household suffers from asthma, and not even seemingly clean interiors ease their symptoms, you should look at the condition of the mattress they are sleeping on. It is likely that the invisible dust on the mattresses is aggravating their condition.

The second. Eliminate dust mites and bed bugs

Mattresses, as we mentioned earlier, are one of the most overlooked items in the home. Because of the same invisible dust that aggravates dust allergies and asthma, they are often breeding grounds for insects such as beg bugs and dust mites.

Approximately 2 million dust mites reside in an unvacuumed mattress along with their feces and shedding.  Even though dust mites do not bite, their excretions and shed skin are responsible for allergic reactions.

The problem with bed bugs, on the other hand, is well known. Your nighttime sleep routine can be messed up by their silent stings. The dark and warm environment of mattresses proves to be the ideal breeding ground for bed bugs.  Mattress vacuum cleaners cannot eliminate the bedbug problem from the roots, but they can be a great help in your fumigation process.

The third. Eliminate bad odors

When a musty smell lingers in your bedroom despite there being no obvious sign as to where the smell is coming from, are you frustrated? The mold usually grows in mattress linings when bacteria and other allergens accompany the bacteria. You can prevent these strange odors from entering your room if you vacuum your mattress once in a while.

Regardless of the top mattress vacuum cleaners we have reviewed, there are a few factors to consider when choosing the best vacuum for your needs. When buying a vacuum for mattresses, beddings, and upholstery, you need to take into account these five factors.

  • Using filters

Vacuum cleaner filters ensure that even the smallest irritants are captured. The vacuum is responsible for releasing clean air after a filter has been installed. Additionally, a good vacuum cleaner should always be equipped with a filter that can effectively capture all the microscopic mites, dander, and similar particles.

For mattress vacuum cleaners, HEPA is now the standard filtration system. A majority of those organisms that cause allergies can be captured by these devices. However, there are downsides to using HEPA filters. These filters are disposable and have to be replaced after a few years.

There are also vacuums with washable filters available on the market (we have reviewed some). If you don’t like this ongoing replacement work, you can buy a vacuum with washable filters. They are expensive, but one advantage of their reusability is that it extends the time they can be used beyond their initial cost.

  • Sanitation by UV light

Many modern vacuum cleaners feature UV sanitization systems. Insects and mites can be exterminated without the use of chemicals. In some vacuum cleaners, heat is used in addition to the vacuum to get rid of larvae and eggs.

The use of a mattress vacuum cleaner with UV sanitization is recommended in homes with people with sensitive respiratory systems.  It is still a better idea to use UV vacuum cleaners over non-UV vacuum cleaners since they provide more holistic cleaning.

  • Powerful suction

The power of suction is all that matters in conventional large vacuum cleaners. A handheld mattress vacuum cleaner has a multifaceted and layered cleaning system. The vibration pads and dual inlet suction also play a significant role in determining the effectiveness of mattress vacuum cleaners.

Furthermore, even vacuum cleaners with low suction power but other features may perform better on mattresses than regular models with high suction. A mattress vacuum cleaner’s suction is an important characteristic, but not as crucial as in regular large vacuum machines.

  • Extensions

Hoses and nozzles attached to the vacuum inlet offer a wide range of cleaning activities. In most cases, hand-held vacuum cleaners don’t come with attachments as they are designed for vacuuming mattresses and quilts specifically.  The good news is that there are some types of cleaners that have this kind of cleaning versatility, and we reviewed one.

Thus, it is simple. Choosing a vacuum that comes with a package of hoses and nozzles will help you use it not just for mattresses.

  • Wired or cordless

Purchasing a mattress vacuum cleaner should also consider this aspect. While cordless vacuums are more convenient, they have lower suction power and shorter vacuuming times. If you choose a wired one, you will have a stronger suction and an extended vacuuming cycle, but it will be less convenient.

Therefore, when choosing between cordless and wired vacuums, choose the trade-off that suits your cleaning settings and your budget.

In the above comprehensive buying guide and list of products, you can easily choose the best vacuum cleaner for mattresses, upholstery, and other tricky surfaces based on your specific cleaning requirements and budget.

FAQs about Mattress Vacuum Cleaners

In addition to questions about mattress vacuum cleaners, here are some frequently asked questions:

What is the best way to deep clean a mattress?

When deep cleaning a mattress, the easiest method is to use a mattress vacuum with several cleaning technologies, such as high-frequency vibrations, UV light, and strong suction – a hot/warm air blower would be beneficial too.

Is vacuuming your mattress a good idea?

It is a good practice to vacuum your mattresses periodically, even if you don’t have bed bug issues.

Is it possible to vacuum the mattress?

It is possible to vacuum mattresses with an ordinary vacuum, especially if it has a mattress cleaning attachment and cleaning hose/wand. However, these cleanings are less thorough since UV light, warm air blowers, and high-frequency vibrations are absent.

Is it possible to clean my mattress without a vacuum?

When it is sunny, put your mattress out in the sun to dry and sanitize it. Once it is dry, vacuum it as normal.

Mattresses with high levels of light sensitivity may slowly lose their color.

Why do mattresses get yellow stains?

There might be yellow stains on mattresses from spilled liquids, which can be cleaned with a variety of ready-made chemicals or detergents – when cleaning, be sure to follow the instructions.

When cleaning a mattress, what are the best methods?

Cleaning your mattresses periodically is a great idea – even before there are obvious issues with dirt, allergens, bed bugs, germs, etc.

Is it possible to disinfect a mattress?

It is highly recommended to use a vacuum cleaner with UV light and warm air blower to disinfect mattresses. You can, however, use chemical agents to disinfect the entire mattress as well – again, make sure that you follow the instructions.

How do I vacuum a mattress?

Whenever you vacuum mattresses, pull the vacuum slowly over clean surfaces, allowing the unit to thoroughly clean them.

Additionally, feel free to clean the same surface several times to ensure it is deeply cleaned.