Best Way To Clean Carpets Using Household Products

Best Way To Clean Carpets Using Household Products

We all spill something every day, whether we like it or not. The dirt and stains on your carpet can be caused by everything from a spilled coffee mug to muddy paw prints on your dog. Cleaning the mess, therefore, can be a costly affair, especially if you opt for professional carpet cleaning services. There are a few ingredients you already have at home that you can use to make homemade carpet cleaning agents tackle any mess. For this preparation, you don’t need to go to your local store to buy commercial sprays and solvents.

Typical household cleaning products or shampooing machines can be used to apply the solution. You can always choose another option if the first solution cannot remove the tough stains. Until you eliminate the stains completely, experiment until you achieve the desired results.

Easy Carpet-Cleaning Solutions

You can make your carpet cleaning solution at home using some of these recipes. Decide on the best solution after considering the type of stains and texture of the carpet. 

  1. Cleaning solution for your carpet and conditioner: this one seems more like a commercial carpet cleaner as it provides a soft and fresh feel.

Combine these ingredients.

  • One scoop of OxiClean. 
  • One teaspoon of fabric softener (5ml). 
  • All-purpose liquid cleaner – 59 ml. 
  • Washing liquid – 30 ml. 
  • 1 gallon of hot water.

2. The following steps must be taken when using window cleaner:

There are more uses for window cleaning solutions than just cleaning windows. With it and some water, you can create a cleaning agent that is cheap and effective for your carpet. Make the cleaning agent as follows:

  • A solution like Windex should be dissolved in an equal amount of hot water. 

3. A non-toxic aromatic cleaning agent:

It is especially important for families with small children and pets to use non-toxic carpet cleaning products. You can make this non-toxic solution that smells great by combining the following ingredients. 

  • 2 cups of water – 470 ml. 
  • 2 teaspoons of salt. 
  • The amount of white vinegar, distilled, is 235 ml. 
  • 15 drops of essential oils such as pine, lavender, or lemon.

carpet cleaning

4.Ammonia-based solution:

This is a much more powerful cleaning solution than your average one. Therefore, you have to be extremely cautious while using these items as ammonia is corrosive. There is a possibility that it can damage your eyes, skin, lungs, and even certain materials. Prepare the solution with gloves and in a bucket.

  • 59 ml Vinegar (1/4 cup). 
  • One-fourth cup of ammonia – 59 ml. 
  • 15 ml liquid dish soap (1 tbsp)
  • Three gallons of water. 

5. An effective powder cleaning agent is:

Greasy stains and spills respond well to this cleaner. You will need to combine the following ingredients in a bowl to prepare this powdered cleaner. 

  • The leaves of five bay trees (for aroma) are crushed. 
  • A cup of corn starch contains 110 grams. 
  • 220 grams of baking powder (1 cup). 
  • Pinch of dried potpourri, crushed (optional). 

6. Cleaner with peroxide:

As a powerful and effective cleanser, hydrogen peroxide is primarily used. Lemon is an excellent grease cutter with a pleasant aroma that is also an excellent grease cutter. Prepare this solution by mixing these two amazing ingredients together.

  • 176 ml of hydrogen peroxide (3/4 cup). 
  • 5 drops of lemon essential oil. 
  • 352 ml of water.

 7. Powerful cleaning powder:

Combine borax and baking soda to make a powerful carpet cleaner. If you like, you can add some flowers or herbs to make the mixture smell pleasant. Combine the ingredients as follows.

  • 220 grams of baking soda. 
  • 409 grams of borax. 
  • Five grams (1 tablespoon) of dried flowers or herbs. 
  • 20 drops of essential oil. 

Cleaning Carpets with Your Hands

Cleansers are best put into shakers or spray bottles to be applied:

Apply a thin layer of the solution to the carpet and clean a particular area with your hands. This can be accomplished by spraying thinly the liquid cleaning solution over the affected spots after transferring it to a spray bottle. Dry powders should be shaken in a shaker and then sprinkled over the affected area so it will be evenly and flawlessly covered. Before moving the mixture, stir the ingredients thoroughly to ensure that all of them have been incorporated.

Perform spot testing as follows:

Prior to applying the cleaners on a larger scale, you must test them in a smaller area. Performing a spot test will ensure that the carpet will not be damaged by the cleaning agent. The steps are as follows:

– Choose areas that are not easily visible, such as under furniture or a corner. 

-Sprinkle or spray the cleaning agent on the small section.

-You’ll need to wait for about 24 hours

– After the time has elapsed, check the treated patch for any damages or dis colouration. 

– Only clean thoroughly if no damage is present. 

The solution should be sprayed or sprinkled on the affected areas:

Cleaning the affected area should be done by applying it there. The best way to clean your entire carpet is to divide it into sections and clean each portion separately. To prevent getting trapped inside, always begin cleaning far from the door and work your way toward it. 

To soak the cleaner thoroughly, do the following:

You should allow the carpet to sit for around 10 minutes after applying the cleaning solution. Thus, the solution will be allowed to soak in and work on the dirt for an adequate amount of time. It will likely take some time for the powdered cleaners to absorb the stains and foul odor from the carpet. The soaking time doesn’t need to be as long if you don’t have much time. However, if it rests for a long time, you will get the best results.

Using a carpet scrubber:

After the cleaning solution has been absorbed completely, scrub the carpet with a stiff bristle brush or a carpet brush. The cleaning agent will penetrate deeply into the carpet fibers, which will play an important role in loosening up the ground-in debris, dirt, and foreign particles. You should wait another half an hour for the liquid cleaners to dry completely after brushing the entire area. 

To vacuum:

Vacuum the carpet after the liquid cleaner has completely dried and the powdered agents have completely absorbed the stain and odor. Vacuum three or four times over the entire area to ensure that all the dust, debris, and powders are removed. 


Using only homemade carpet cleaning solutions will result in a clean and fresh-looking carpet after the whole process is finished. You can use this option safely even if you have small children at home, as it is both budget-friendly and safe.