Dirty Carpets Die Faster

Dirty Carpets Die Faster

Dirty carpets typically do not last very long. While most homeowners prefer carpet and/or area rugs in the living areas of the home, it is a known fact that carpeting provides more challenges – as far as cleaning is concerned – than other types of floor surfaces. Unfortunately, failure to clean carpets on a regular basis will result in their demise. Dirty carpets die faster. In addition to this, dirty carpets have the ability to detrimentally impact the health of those that use them and are exposed to them. If you want to keep your carpets healthy and your loved ones healthy, it is imperative that you clean your carpets on a regular basis. In this guide, you will learn how dirty carpets have the ability to die more quickly and how dirty carpets may prove to be detrimental to the health.

Trapped Pollutants

One of the biggest issues when it comes to dirty carpets is trapped pollutants. Based on information derived from the Environmental Protection Agency, carpets that are not cleaned on a regular basis have the ability to retain many different sources of air pollutants that are commonly seen indoors. Examples of these pollutants include the dander from pets, allergens from pests such as cockroaches, pollution from particles, standard outdoor dirt, dust, and other types of debris. In addition to this, toxic-based airborne gases may adhere to these pollutants and become lodged within a dirty carpet. The gases may then be released through standard activities, such as foot traffic and vacuuming. Once released into the air, they contaminate the home. By utilizing steam cleaners to clean carpets, and even cleaning utensils that require the use of specially-formulated carpet shampoos, these trapped pollutants may be quickly and effectively removed from dirty carpets. As a result, the life of the carpet is renewed and the health of those that are exposed to the carpet is optimized.

Dust Mites

One of the most common complications associated with dirty carpets are dust mites. These microscopic creatures are not considered to be allergens; however, the fragments of their body and the feces that they are known to leave behind are considered to be allergenic. In addition to detrimentally impacting the health through inhalation, these creatures have the ability to dull carpets and reduce the life associated with carpets. By utilizing high-heat steam cleaners, you have the ability to quickly kill these invasive creatures and eliminate the potential for the devastation that the creatures typically cause in and around the home.

Mold Growth

Many dirty carpets are found to have mold growing within them. This is especially true in regions of the world that are known for high humidity levels, such as the State of Florida. When weather or the environment has highly precipitous weather, it is not at all uncommon for moisture to be tracked into the home. If not immediately vacuumed, the moisture then sinks within the depths of the carpets of the home. Once settled, the moisture may then transform into mold and/or mildew. Not only does this kill your carpets, it has the potential to kill you and your loved ones! By using high-heat steam units that include drying tools that assist in annihilating moisture, you can prevent these issues from occurring.


In reviewing professional carpet cleaning companies, you will find that there are many tools and techniques used in order to eliminate carpet-killing and health-hazardous toxins from carpets within residential structures. The most productive and highly-preferred cleaning method is steam cleaning, combined with moisture depletion tools. Steam cleaners do not require the use of potentially harsh and hazardous cleansing agents. Instead, it simply heats regular tap water to a temperature of 140°F or higher. This level of heat has the ability to remove pollutants, mites, mold, mildew and other toxins that shorten the life span of carpets quickly and effectively. Not only will cleaning dirty carpets with a steam cleaner increase the life of your carpet, it will help in lengthening your life span and the life span of your loved ones, too!