Guidelines for starting a canister vacuum

Guidelines for starting a canister vacuum

Canister vacuums are known for convenience, increased versatility, mobility and reliability. There are many different models, styles and sizes of vacuums available in market appointed with some advance features and technologies. These machines vary in prices too and thus before we give you various tips on use of canister vacuum, you must check our vacuum cleaner reviews and get the most suitable option for yourself depending upon your need and budget. Once you have made your purchase decision, these lightweight machines are no difficult to use provided you follow some guidelines for starting/using a canister vacuum. Almost all the canisters have similar basic functionality and for other details you can refer to your specific canister vacuum’s operating instructions manual.

Guidelines for starting a canister vacuum

Tips before starting

  • We recommend you to go through your canister vacuum’s user manual before beginning to use it.
  • First and foremost you need to know about all the parts and features of your canister in order to effectively use your cleaner.
  • Pay special attention to assembly instructions of your canister and make sure that all the components are in place and fixed properly before switching canister on. If you fail to assemble properly and switch the canister on, it may result in an electric shock.
  • Make sure that the switch is off as you plug in your canister. If the switch is on, there is a chance that dangerous accident or injury can happen.

Instructions for starting

  • Pull the vacuum cord out up to a length that you find suitable for your cleaning task.
  • Make sure that the plug is polarized as it reduces chances of electrical shock.
  • Plug on the cord of vacuum in an outlet close to your cleaning surface.
  • Lower down the wand with the use of handle release feature.
  • Set the height setting according to your need. Usually most of the canisters have a pedal with the help of which you can select a proper height for cleaning.
  • Canisters usually have switch that enables you to use canister for varied cleaning. Depending upon what kind of surface you need to clean whether carpets, hard floor or others, position the switch on appropriate option.
  • Switch on and begin using your canister vacuum. Using canister is simple and easy and if you are a new user, you can refer to our simple steps for using a canister vacuum.

Some tips if your canister doesn’t start:

There are few things that you can check for yourself if your canister vacuum is not starting:

  • Check if the vacuum is properly plugged in to the power source outlet. Your power source may have loose receptacles and this may be keeping power to flow properly to your vacuum motor. If this is the problem, try plugging in your canister in some other outlet of your house to check if it is running properly or not. If it works, you can connect an extension cord to reach the room for cleaning where outlet is loosen up.
  • Another problem could be the canister cup or vacuum bag of your cleaner. Some high-tech recent canister models may not turn on if the bag or cup is full. This feature prevents from straining and causing damage to motor. So check for your canister bag and empty if it is even 3/4th full.
  • Check the cord properly. If the cord is damaged or if there are any splits in the cord rubber. If you find any, wrap small splits up with electrical tape for temporary usage. However if there are many avoid using the canister and call a technician for proper repairing.

Safety tips

  • Check the voltage rating of your canister vacuum before switching it on to use for cleaning. Do not ever use DC outlets, plug in to only AC outlets. An incorrect voltage supply may result in a dangerous incident and can cause injury to user and damage to the canister machine.
  • Do not ever try using an appliance that you know is damaged.
  • Do not use the canister if the power cord is damaged or has been accidently flooded in water.
  • Do not plug in the cord and operate vacuum with wet hands.
  • Keep this appliance out of reach of children and do not leave it unattended if you have children or pets in your home.
  • Unplug the vacuum when you are done with cleaning. Never leave it plugged in.
  • Anything which is burning such as cigarette or any flammable substance must not be cleaned with the canister.
  • Never pull canister by cord.
  • For unplugging, switch off the plug. Do not pull cord instead hold the plug and pull out.
  • Do not run over cord.
  • Keep cord away from sharp corners or heated surfaces.
  • Keep all your body parts away from canister such as hair, clothes, fingers etc.
  • After each use, for servicing, for maintenance, for change of attachments, for change of filters and other similar task, make sure that the canister is turned off and plugged out.
  • Use canister vacuum and its attachments for purposes that are recommended in the user’s manual.


Following all the tips and guidelines for starting a canister vacuum would ensure a longer lifetime and safe and effective use of canister vacuum for cleaning purpose all around the house. Cleaning may be a daunting task but with proper use of canister vacuums it is no more as overwhelming as it used to be. Basic safety instructions should be followed in order to remain safe and keep your appliance safe and functional too.