How you can effortlessly clean your floor in less than an hour

How you can effortlessly clean your floor in less than an hour

Back in the day, people need to spend more than an hour to clean their floors. It is indeed a backbreaking job. Thankfully, you won’t be able to experience hours of bending and kneeling to clean your floor.

Vacuuming – the new way cleaning. No matter how new and innovative it sounds, it’s not really a super exciting topic to talk about. Well, not until you read this .

vacuuming is a new way of effortlessly cleaning. Talk about innovation. We now belong to a technologically advance society and brooms and mops are the old things.

Vacuum cleaners are an improvement to our long term cleaning buddies, the brooms and dust pans. You don’t need to bend for almost an hour to clean your place, that is, if you have a really large place. Vacuum cleaners will do their thing .

cleaning the nooks and crannies of your house in a more efficient and convenient way.

How you can effortlessly clean your floor

Clean it under an hour

Cleaning is not a happy word for most of us. To do it, you need to exert so much effort. Fortunately, you can enjoy your favorite book or binge watch your favorite series in no time after learning how to clean your floor in less than an hour without exerting so much effort.

No way. That must be your thought right now. Well, let’s change that perception. Cleaning your floor under an hour is totally possible with the help of a super cleaning machine – the vacuum cleaner. How it works? Read more here!

Vacuum Cleaning

vacuum cleaning

If you are a proud owner of a floor that always need extra attention, then you’ll cheer up today.

Dusty and dirty floor will make the atmosphere of your house into something dark and gloomy. Who would want to live in a house with dirty floor? Of course, no one will do. So, cleaning it is really important. How will you do it? Simple. Use a cleaning machine. This time, you might actually appreciate the act of cleaning.

How does it work? Here’s how:

Pick it up:

Sweeping and picking small pieces of trashes is a hassle. Yeah I know. Been there. Done that. Luckily, vacuum cleaners will do it for you. It will suck up all the dust and trashes on the floor.

How convenient can that be?

Pick it up:

A vacuum cleaner is the good guy that cleans the remaining residue. Dust off everything starting from the tables, chairs and curtains. The vacuum cleaner will clean the traces on the floor.


Narrow and hidden areas are really hard to clean. Not anymore, vacuum cleaners will reach those areas for you. You can use the hose attachment to clean those areas. You can also use it to clean the sofas and furniture.

Clean the carpet:

Vacuum cleaner won’t only clean your hardwood or tiled flooring. It can also clear heavily carpeted areas. This is quiet tricky since you need a compatible vacuum cleaner. It’s not like you wanted to damage your precious carpets.


Vacuum cleaning should be precise especially if you are cleaning carpets. Remember, carpets have fibers and you need to clean every strand of it. A back and forth vacuuming is not a good idea for this. You need to do the crisscross pattern. By doing this pattern, you are sure that you clean every part of the fibers.

Over and over:

Embedded dirt is really hard to remove. You need to make a repetitive strokes to that area until there’s nothing left. Don’t worry, you don’t need to nudge the vacuum cleaner to that area. That will only use all your energy. Just do it how you normally do it.

Take your time:

Vacuuming is a fast chore. Any one would expect high-speed cleaning with this machine. But, if you have a really dirty floor or a soiled carpet, then you don’t need to hasten everything. You’ll still finish cleaning under an hour but you need to go over and over on the area. It is not really exhausting. If you have an upright vacuum, you only need to stroke the machine on the area with a crisscross pattern. No need of bending.

No assistance:

That is possible. Robotic vacuum cleaners only need less assistance. You’ll just input instruction into its program and free to do whatever you want. The vacuum cleaner will move on its own and follow the cleaning route you input.


Your vacuum cleaner comes with a few attachments. These extras are really helpful. If you’ll learn their functions, you can use the vacuum cleaner to its full potential. The attachments will also make your vacuuming experience a lot easier.

Do your thing:

Cleaning was never been this easy. Choose the type of vacuum cleaner that is suited for your needs. Manufacturers usually provide a user manual that will teach you the know-hows. It will also inform you how to utilize the attachments.

The maintenance:

You also need to take care of your machine. Vacuum cleaners still have restrictions. Know the dos and don’ts. To avoid inconvenience in the future, you need to vacuum intelligently. Always use your common sense. Remember that a well-kept machine will always perform well and last longer.

If we were to ask our ancestors, they won’t really expect such things will be produce by the human’s brilliant mind. Let’s thank the people who came up with this genius idea. This improvement might not be that exciting for those who aren’t really fond of cleaning but it brings so much advantage to housekeepers or those individuals who want to have a neat and tidy house.

Cleaning the floor of a huge place under an hour might not be possible in the past. So, we are really privilege to reach an age of convenient cleaning. Don’t be afraid to try a new thing. A vacuum machine is a simple appliance. You can even fix it on your own if something went wrong with it.