How to clean glass surfaces using a vacuum cleaner

How to clean glass surfaces using a vacuum cleaner

The use of glass surfaces can increase the beauty of your home and office furnishings. It gives your living and working space a shining modification and brightens your day by bringing you closer to the outside world and nature while having a tough working day. Glass has been gaining popularity in varied regions and this is accredited to the attractive and appealing appearance of this product. Glass tiles, doors, and windows can improve the beauty of any room in your house or office or any other place and now advancement in technology gives you beautiful designs and colors of glass to add grace to your world with your own choice and preference.


Cleaning Glass Surfaces

A high-quality glass is not only durable but it gives an appealing shine. Such materials are easier to clean and are stain-resistant. Having said that cleaning glass is easy as you can just wipe down stains and dust, it is at the same time difficult too as it requires cleaning more frequently. Glass surfaces are easier to notify any fingerprints, footprints, dust, dirt, and any type of stain. Proper care is needed for maintenance along with frequent cleaning of glass surfaces. In order to give a nice appearance, your glass surface may it be flooring, windows, doors, etc. should appear perfect. Any streak of dust or grime through the glass surface would hinder its appearance.

clean glass surfaces using a vacuum cleaner

Tips for Cleaning Glass Surfaces

Thus here we are sharing some important tips that you should follow in order to better deal with cleaning problems of the glass surfaces and to make them look nice and appealing.

Vacuuming Glass Surfaces:

  • For any surface made up of glass including windows, mirrors, etc.; you should take proper care while vacuum cleaning. Otherwise while getting rid of dust and stains from these surfaces, you may end up damaging/scratching them.
  • In order to deal with the cleaning of these surfaces, it is best to use an extra soft brush attachment tool to clear up all the dust and dirt from the surface without damaging it. For cleaning mirrors, it is best to use a soft dusting brush attachment.
  • However, apart from dust and dirt, such floor and surface may have some adhesive marks and stains (such as paint, oil, grease, etc.). Vacuuming may not help in cleaning such stubborn stains.
  • If you wish to clean these spots, apply a nonabrasive and mild cleaner. Take a clean wet cloth for cleaning surfaces. Apply cleaning solution and then wipe all the areas of glass to get a spotless clean finish.
  • Make sure that the cloth you are using is lint-free and cleaner is not strong as these may affect the finish of the glass surface. If you have to deal with cleaning a large glass door. Clean your way down taking small portions.
  • Surfaces made of stubborn materials can be permanently marked or scratched.

Vacuuming Glass Windows and Doors:

  • Glassdoor and window screens often get dust and dirt; in order to get rid of that dust, you should use your vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush attachment for vacuuming all the dust and dirt.
  • For flat screen windows, you may also use a drapery brush attachment tool. But make sure that vacuuming is performed gently over such screens.
  •  It can be easy to clean the inside of windows, but cleaning the outside can be more challenging. You can look for a vacuum cleaner with special extendable attachment tools.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a telescoping handle may work well for cleaning windows inside and out.

Other Important Tips

  • Condensation is a problem with glass surfaces and the reason for that is excess humidity. Ensure that your rooms have proper ventilation in order to avoid this problem.
  • Vacuum window sills/tracks in order to ensure that there remains no dust or debris hindering drainage.
  • Lubricate rollers and locks of your glass windows and doors. Use light machine oil. Windows must be washed at least twice a year with a soft bristle brush and a light soap solution.
  • Avoid using any abrasive cleaners. Make sure that the soap solution is rinsed properly and dried. When vacuuming glass screens, always use a soft brush tool.


Sparkling clean glass windows, doors, furniture items and floor can really light up any area of your house. However, the main difficulty is that if proper maintenance and care is missing these surfaces usually get dull over time. Finishing and sparkling glow are also affected by the use of harsh cleaners and improper tools that may also scratch the surface. The tips that we have shared here can give you an ever brightening glass surface with its shine maintained well for years and years. So use these tips and proper techniques with ideal tools to protect your glass surfaces. Have the right attitude towards this delicate surface and avoid spills and stains. Do your chores of cleaning in a proper manner by giving adequate time and you will find that it was all worth it! If you don’t find time and are unsure of cleaning you can always seek the help of a professional to get the chores done for you. Once cleaning is done, you can sit back and enjoy the sight of your sparkling shinning glass surface.