3 Best Ways get Stains Out of the Carpet

 3 Best Ways get Stains Out of the Carpet


Many people like to decorate their homes with carpets because they help create a warm, domestic atmosphere. Since carpets are often placed in central, frequently treaded locations, they are very susceptible to accidental damage in form of liquid stains or dirt spots.

Such stains are especially visible on bright-colored carpets and should therefore be removed as soon as possible. Here are some helpful tips on how to get stains out of the carpet:

Many stains, such as those caused by red wine, are easiest to remove when they’re still fresh. A wet sponge can be used, in order to drain the liquid, before it seeps deeper into the carpet.

Fruit juices should be removed using a paper towel, before the stain has a chance to dry, becoming harder to remove.

How to get stains out of the carpet

Bottled water is another useful home remedy for fresh carpet stains. Simply wet the affected area with clean water and then soak up the moisture with a dry cloth. Spots can also be treated successfully with shaving foam.

Of course, there are also many specialized carpet cleaning agents available on the market. Read the label to learn how to get stains out of the carpet using these products.

Removing old carpet stains tends to be much harder and the methods described above won’t often help. Sometimes, the only way to get rid of such spots, apart from buying a new carpet, is to replace them with a matching piece of another carpet.

Cut out the damaged spot with a special knife, replace it with an identical fragment of another carpet and fasten it with double-sided carpet tape.

How to clean a thick carpet

How to clean a thick carpet


As you can probably imagine, cleaning a thick carpet is harder than cleaning a standard carpet or rug. The reason is obvious – a thick carpet absorbs dirt and stains way more quickly and makes it way harder to remove.

This problem is especially noticeable with light-colored carpets. A white carpet will get visibly dirty much faster than a gray or brown one, therefore requiring more frequent cleaning.

Another problem with thick carpets is, that once the dirt is absorbed, it’s very hard to remove completely, which can in turn permanently damage the carpet. Therefore, proper and frequent cleaning is absolutely necessary in order to preserve the carpet in its original state for as long as possible.

Most advice on how to clean a carpet still applies. Regular vacuuming is by far the best, cheapest, and least time-consuming method of keeping the carpet in good condition. Another common-sense advice is to prevent the carpet from getting dirty in the first place.

If and when possible, you should try to reduce the risk of accidentally spilling something on the carpet. You should also prevent guests and family members from carrying in dirt from the outside, by asking them to use doormats. Unfortunately, prevention will usually only get you so far.

How to clean a thick carpet

An accidental stain on a thick carpet can be very hard to remove and attempt to remove them without necessary products and knowledge can result in permanent damage to the carpet and possibly a need to replace it. If you’re not sure how to clean a carpet properly, you should consult a professional, especially if the carpet is valuable.

The best approach to cleaning antique and delicate carpets

The best approach to cleaning antique and delicate carpets

Not all the carpets should be cleaned the same way. It all depends on how delicate they are. The antique ones require a special approach due to the fragile state they are in. Naturally, age influences their state. The fabrics and colors are not so strong anymore and they fall apart easily if treated inappropriately.

Such carpets should be cleaned in a special way. You should avoid using hot water or carpet steam cleaners, which utilize hot water or heat it themselves. High temperature affects the dyes and patterns on the carpets, which then fade fast.

The best approach to cleaning antique and delicate carpets

The best way to approach them is to spot test to see how they react to the chosen method of cleaning. It is a very safe approach recommended also to all other sorts of carpets, including the new ones.

Here is what we recommend to do when you want to eliminate dirt, dust, odors, pet stains, ink, food stains, and other unwanted matter from your carpet, do it the safe way:

  1. Use a carpet cleaner that uses cold water.
  2. If the above solution doesn’t work, add biodegradable detergent to the water for better results.
  3. If you still have a problem, use a carpet steam cleaner that uses warm water.
  4. The last option would be to use a cleaning machine, which heats up the water by itself.

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