Important Tips for proper use of a bagless vacuum cleaner

Since last few years, Bagless vacuum cleaners have gained popularity because of simplicity of use. These vacuums include a compartment where dust and debris is stored that is then cleared directly in to waste of your household or workplace. Many people now prefer to use these models because they do not have to buy vacuum bags every now and then for cleaning around their house. But you need to make sure that filters and dirt compartments of these Bagless vacuums are cleared on a regular basis. Different designs of Bagless vacuums are available now including stick, handheld and canister vacuums. With technology improving day by day, Bagless vacuums now come with a variety of features and have become more affordable in terms of price and maintenance of a vacuum cleaner. Choice of buying a bagged or Bagless vacuum depends truly upon personal preferences.

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Important Tips for Using a Bagless Vacuum

For those who have never used a Bagless vacuum cleaner, we have shared these tips that enable you to use your Bagless vacuum cleaner properly and maintain it well.

Important Tips for proper use of a bagless vacuum cleaner

Emptying Dust Container:

  • Unlike bagged vacuums, the Bagless vacuum cleaners have robust dust containers instead of disposable bags. Size and style of these containers differ with various models and brands of vacuum cleaners. Many of the good brands offer vacuums with containers that are clear so that user can easily see when it is about to be full. In order to ensure proper use and functioning of your Bagless vacuum, it is important to empty the container when it reaches 3/4thof its dust containing capacity. Do not wait for it to become full as it would affect performance of vacuum.
    • In order to clear up waste receptacle, turn the vacuum cleaner power off and remove the container. Trash all the dust and dirt directly to trash. Try placing the container at deep bottom of dustbin in order to ensure that small particles do not fly out in air or around your trashcan to create mess. You just need to tap the edge of container to get rid of all the dirt. If possible, it is best to empty this container outside your house in a dust can.
    • When you are done with removing all the dirt and waste, use a disposable damp cloth or wipe to clean the interior of vacuum container. Make sure that before you place the container back properly in its place and that it is completely dried.

Filter Maintenance:

  • Most of the modern Bagless vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters These filters do not need replacement. But many of these vacuum cleaners have filters that are replaceable or washable.
  • Filters must beinspected on regular basis and you must adhere to all the recommendations that your manufacturer has mentioned for maintenance of filters.
    • If you find that a filter is damaged, dirt or torn, you should immediately arrange for replacement. In case if washable filter gets really dirty, you must clean it immediately according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid using dirty, torn or damaged filter.
    • In case of a replaceable filter, you should keep an additional (extra) filter handy. Just remove the torn or dirty filter and dispose it off. Now replace it with new one and begin using vacuum again.
    • In case of a washable/reusable filter, remove the filter from vacuum and tap it gently over trash can. Use a light brush for getting rid of any clogged dirt or dust. Now follow recommendations of your manufacturer. If it is washable, wash it gently.
    • Before replacing filter, make sure that it is completely air dried. You may use a dry damp soft cloth or can also use a hair dryer.
    • Make sure that the filter is placed properly before using vacuum again.

Dealing with Clogged Bagless Vacuum:

  • In case if you find that your vacuum has accidently swallowed some large things (like small toy car, coin etc.), try to retrieve all such items. You will be able to see these things easily in container. Just turn the power of vacuum off and remove dust container. Take that item out and put the container back in place to begin vacuuming again.
  • If something is clogging your vacuum cleaner functioning and you cannot see it in the waste container. Check other possible areas for clogging. You may find something clogged in to wand of your vacuum cleaner. It could be buildup of dirt or hair or anything else. You can just remove the part and clean the clogging with your fingers or with a plumbing wire and waste it in the dust bin.


Bagless vacuums make use of filters in order to keep the waste particles locked and prevent from getting released in to air again. In order to make sure that your Bagless vacuum cleaner works properly, it is important to keep a close eye on filtration system and to clean and maintain it regularly. If your dust container is completely filled and you have a dirty filter, using such vacuum cleaner for cleaning can even die out your vacuum motor. Motor replacement would be really costly. So in order to prevent from that cost and other problems, maintain your Bagless vacuum well.