Review: Roomba 761 vs 650

Roomba 761 vs 650

iRobot Roomba 761 Review

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  • Pros
    • Quiet.
    • 3-stage filtration.
    • Scheduled cleaning.
    • Virtual walls.
    • Dirt Detect technology.
    • Remotely controlled.
    • Low-profile design.
    • Spinning side brush.
    • Counter-rotating brush system.
    • Good battery life.
    • Mediocre navigation.
    • Gets stuck.
    • Small dustbin.

The iRobot Roomba 761 is a compact vacuum that allows for a hands-free cleaning process. You can benefit from the onboard scheduling and let the robot work when you’re not home (up to 7 times a week). Or, simply press the “Clean” button for occasional cleaning.

The 761 comes with dual Virtual Walls. You can use them to keep the vacuum off certain rooms. For instance, when you are taking a nap in your bedroom during the robot’s scheduled cleaning and don’t want it to disturb you.

It features an effective 3-stage AeroVac filtration system. With such a design, the robot picks up the debris and cleans the air in the room from the allergens.

It can even deal with pet hair. And the Dirt Detection technology allows for concentrated spot-on cleaning.

Who it’s for

This little vacuum cleaning robot is great for people who are prone to allergies. Thanks to its three-stage filtration system, the 761 traps even the smallest particles and allergens.

It leaves the air fresh and clean. It would also work great for homes with pets. It effectively picks up hairs along with other debris.

The iRobot 761 is also suitable for more open spaces. Because it tends to get stuck and bumps the furniture, it might not work well enough in rooms with lots of objects being in its way. Overall, this is a great option for people who want a hands-free cleaning but don’t mind helping the robot when it gets stuck.


What you might really appreciate is this cleaner’s design. Featuring counter-rotating and side brushes, it can deal with different messes. Paired up with the Dirt Detect technology, the 761 leaves the floor’s dust- and hair-free every time.

This Roomba vacuum also features an impressive battery life. It can work for about 2 hours on a single charge. The robot automatically returns to its charging station when the battery is low.

The filtration system also deserves to be mentioned here. It features a 3-stage technology, which rids the air from allergens and even the smallest dust particles.


One of the main drawbacks you might face is the navigation problem. This little cleaner doesn’t always know where it goes. It tends to get stuck under the furniture, near the rugs, between the furniture legs, etc. Expect it to stop the cleaning process occasionally simply because it gets lost.

Given its small size, expect the dustbin to be small too. Therefore, if you need your Roomba to deal with some heavy messes, keep in mind that you’ll have to empty it quite often.

iRobot Roomba 650 Review

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  • Pros
    • 3-stage cleaning system.
    • Multi-surface cleaning.
    • Compact and short.
    • Automatic charging.
    • Great battery life.
    • Scheduled cleaning.
    • Well-written manual.
    • Gets stuck.
    • Occasionally fails to dock.
    • Small dust cup.

The iRobot 650 combines everything you require for an effective cleaning without the need to actually move the vacuum around. It offers different cleaning modes to the users.

You can set the scheduled cleaning at a specific time during the week. As an alternative, you can set the regular “Clean” mode whenever you feel like your floors need some touch-ups.

This model comes with one Virtual Wall and an extra filter. It cannot be controlled remotely. However, you can make the adjustments via the onboard controls.

The 650 works great with different types of debris, including pet hair. It features a powerful suction but might need to go over some spots a couple of times for the most satisfactory results.

This model was designed with low furniture in mind. Therefore, its low profile allows it to go under beds, sofas, etc.

This means every spot in the room will be free of dust and allergens, thus keeping the air you’re breathing clean.

Who it’s for

The 650 is ideal for people who want a simple yet effective robotic vacuum, which would work well on different surfaces. It automatically adjusts to floor types.

Additionally, this model is great for occasional touch-ups and pet hair. It will also work for users who don’t need a completely hands-free and non-supervised cleaning.

This model isn’t that independent. It might need your help finding the charging dock or navigating around some objects.


You are going to love how effective this little vacuum is on different surface types. It can deal with rugs, tile, laminate, wood floors, and so on. The 650 automatically adjusts to them without users’ help.

The battery life is quite good for such a compact model. It works for around 1.5-2 hours on a single charge. This makes it ideal even for longer and more thorough clean-ups.

You might also appreciate the 3-stage cleaning and filtration system. It allows the 650 to collect even the smallest particles, leaving the air allergen-free and the floors clean and fresh-looking.


This robotic vacuum automatically docks and charges when needed. However, some reviews claim that oftentimes it fails to do it successfully. Therefore, you might need to help your cleaner find the charging station.

Some customer reviews note that the 650 also tends to miss all the dark areas. Therefore, if you have dark carpets, don’t expect this robot to clean them. It will “think” that your carpet is a cliff and will avoid it.

Being so compact, the 650 features a small dustbin. You will need to empty it quite often during those prolonged cleaning sessions.

Verdict: Roomba 761 vs 650

In this Roomba 761 vs 650 battle, it might be hard to pick a winner. They belong to similar price categories and share similar specs. However, each of them is more suitable for specific cleaning needs.

If you require a little robotic helper for occasional vacuuming, pet hair, and not-so-heavy messes, you should go with the 650. It’s also a good choice for you if you don’t mind helping it navigate occasionally.

The 761 is a bit better at navigating. Therefore, it is more suitable for people who want a hands-free cleaning. Additionally, this model is great for heavier messes and larger debris thanks to its spot-on dust detection and cleaning feature.