Roborock E5 vs E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Is cleaning your home becoming a nightmare with a huge amount of dust, dirt, and debris? Do you long for a cleaner home safe for your kids? Does your pet’s hair get tangled while you try to pull it from carpets using traditional vacuum cleaners? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then it’s time for a change!

With digitalization and smart apps, bring home a brand new robotic vacuum cleaner to ease the daunting task of cleaning. These cleaners are small and powerful devices that resemble a small disk but offer efficiency in cleaning every spot. Are you perplexed thinking it will put a strain on your budget?

To ease the peril, Roborock sees a market opportunity, and has come up with their E series of robot vacuum cleaners, which are efficient, have a high-performance level, and are available within an affordable range. Like most of its peers, Roborock E25 and E35 have taken the market by storm, but their mid-range makes them stand out amidst other top brands. So let’s have a look!

The comparison

Now that you have learned about some of the differentiating factors between Roborock E25 and E35 let’s delve into a little detail about each product.

Roborock E5

roborock e5

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  • Roborock Xiaowa E5 has an impressive jet-black design with a sleek body that is durable and sturdy to withstand rigorous cleaning sessions.
  • On the top side of the robot vacuum cleaner, you will find three main control buttons.
  • The device is compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Home App, and all the advanced features can be controlled through the app or by using voice commands.
  • The 3 buttons on the top side indicate a spot button, pressing which your device will start a circular cleaning pattern of 1.2-meter diameter for dry spills.
  • The power button on the device has a color-based battery indicator level while the recharge button will send the robot back to its dock for recharging and resuming.
  • The device is effective in cleaning dust from low-height furniture as it has a small brush bar and vacuum on its bottom side.
  • For cleaning the edges, the device has a side rotating brush. With the Omnidirectional wheel and two standard wheels on the front, Roborock E5 can effectively move over small obstacles, allowing a seamless transition from carpet to the hard floor.


  • Roborock E5 is an intelligent and efficient robotic cleaning device that leverages motion tracking sensors and a dual gyro system for effectively cleaning your home.
  • The device is designed with 13 sensors, which offer anti-collision, drop avoidance, and trap prevention, and allows E5 for auto charging and self-resuming to the task.
  • It has a suction speed of 1800pa which makes it capable of picking up dust, dirt, and debris from the floors and carpets, and effectively pulls out the long stuck dirt, hair, or pet fur from the rugs.
  • E5 features a large dustbin, so you need not clean the bin at small intervals.
  • Another imperative feature of E5 is the mopping mode, especially for its low budget it is indeed a bonus. Users can select either vacuum carpeted floor, or vacuum and mop the hard floor to remove stains and spills.
  • The mop attached to the device automatically sucks the water while cleaning, thus eliminating water spillage.
  • Roborock E5 has proven efficiency in deep cleaning carpets and is facilitated with auto carpet boost. So whenever it senses a carpeted floor, the device automatically sets its suction level to maximum.
  • It also has an auto-recharge and resumes feature, so if it is running low on battery, the device retreats to the dock and after attaining a sufficient amount of charge resume back to the task.
  • The device also functions on voice commands through Amazon Alexa other than the Mi Home App.
  • The Xiaowa E5 further offers methodological cleaning with route planning, an electric eye tracker, and threshold climbing.
  • You can schedule cleaning one or multiple rooms and use virtual barriers and no-go zones, making it safe for kids and pets.
  • It operates on low noise; thus, letting you perform your task without having a thudding noise while cleaning.
  • The device also features fall avoidance to clean your stairs and ledges effectively and has an automated sensor that prevents it from going to the edges.
  • Efficient in deep cleaning of carpets and hard floors.
  • Has a light mopping ability.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  • Has an app-based set up with full virtual control.
  • The device has enhanced navigation technology.
  • Offers excellent value for money.
  • Renders poor edge cleaning.
  • Becomes noisy when functioning on max suction speed.

Roborock E4

robrock e 4

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  • Weighing 7 pounds and having a 13.7*13.8*3.6 inches dimension, Roborock Xiaowa E4 is available in a glass jet black design shade.
  • It resembles a circular disk that is sturdy to withstand multiple cleaning sessions with ease.
  • The device’s top side showcases 3 main buttons—the power button, the recharge button, and the spot clean button.
  • The power button helps start the device and showcases the battery indicator; it also helps the device set up with the Xiaomi Mi Home App and WiFi router.
  • The device features auto-recharge and returns to its dock to replenish the exhausted battery percentage. It has a black-colored charging dock with a light indicator at the top, which glows when the devices try to find their way back to the dock for auto-recharge.
  • Roborock E4 model is designed with a side-sweeper brush for effectively cleaning in a 1.2-meter circle beneath low-height furniture.
  • It also has collision-sensor bumpers to avoid accidental bumping in obstacles or falling.


  • Roborock E4 leverages enhance route planning and ultra-efficient cleaning routes with dual-optical motion tracking sensors and dual-gyroscopes to clean efficiently.
  • With the help of this real-time data collected, the device is capable of faster cleaning with a 30% enhanced cleaning speed than most of its counterparts.
  • It has a powerful suction speed of 2000pa, which effectively cleans all the dust, dirt, and pet hair from hard floors, and deep cleans from thin carpets, thus rendering spotless homes.
  • The device is backed by a 5200mAh battery, which allows the device to perform rigorous cleaning for large homes at 2.5 hours stretch.
  • From quiet, balanced, max, turbo, and carpet cleaning, to mopping modes, Roborock E4 can perform multiple functionalities with voice commands and app navigation.
  • E4 is featured with 13 sensors, which minimalizes entrapment chances, and offers mid-clean charging, collision-avoidance, and cliff sensing.
  • It also has a large dustbin that can collect a pile of dirt from large homes without frequent emptying.
  • You can mop and vacuum your floors together for effective cleanliness. It has an onboard water tank, enabling the water to flow out as the mop dries, thus eliminating puddling.
  • With the spot cleaning feature, you can command your device to clean a 1.2-diameter square around its location, thus covering every spot.
  • E4 enhances its suction speed once close to a carpet as it features an auto-carpet boost, and its tangle-free designs help keep the wheels and brushes free of loose tangles, especially if you have more pets in the house.
  • It has an auto-charge and resume facility that allows the device to charge and resume the task.
  • With a gentle bumping feature, your device will automatically slow down before it crashes into obstructions.
  • Its highly efficient E11 air filter that eliminates 99% of dust is washable, thus allowing optimal performance for prolonged span.
  • Effective in cleaning multiple floor types and thin carpets.
  • It can mop and vacuum simultaneously.
  • Ideal for large homes as it features large bin capacity.
  • Enhanced battery life to last for 150 minutes on a single charge.
  • Powerful suction speed of 2000pa with varying power levels.
  • Displays real-time cleaning data on the MI Home App.
  • Unable to deep suction thick carpets.
  • It becomes noisy when operating at a high speed.
  • No inclusion of virtual barriers in the app.
  • Requires mag strips to prevet wetting carpet while mopping.

How to set up the Roborock E5 and E4 with Mi Home App?

Now you are familiar with your device, let’s see how to set up the device with Mi Home App.

  • Roborock E25 and E35 are smart devices that function on the commands set in the Mi Home App and will require internet connectivity for usage.
  • The app is compatible with Android and iOS users.
  • Users need to first set up the device with the app by long pressing the start button. Once connected, bring your device close to the WiFi for the final setup.
  • On the Mi Home app, you will also find numerous guides about your device, the battery percentage, routine maintenance, etc., but what will entice you is the Locate My Robot option, so you know if your device is stuck somewhere in your house.

A checklist before you buy a robot vacuum cleaner

Whether you are a first-time buyer or have previous experience with robot vacuums, these are some of the pointers every user must consider.

  • Purchase a dark-colored cleaner that showcases the dirt, dust, and fur it collects, as light-colored hides the dirtiness.
  • Checking on the dustbin capacity is imperative, so you need not empty it at frequent intervals.
  • Prolonged battery life will offer a more extended cleaning sensation on a single charge.
  • Considering the budget is essential, compromising the cleaner’s features to opt for a low-budget vacuum will not offer effective cleaning results.
  • Instead of famous brands opt for a vacuum cleaner that suits your cleaning requirements.
  • The device’s height and shape are imperative as this will decide whether it can clean underneath low-height furniture and 90-degree corners.
  • Opt for a robot vacuum that enables schedule cleaning and has enhanced navigation skills.
  • Select a cleaner that efficiently vacuums and mops with seamless transition.

Final Verdict

With a powerful suction speed and prolonged battery life, Roborock E35 is an ideal robot vacuum cleaner within an affordable range. Although both Roborock E25 and E35 have almost similar features, designs, and usability, users having mid-sized homes can choose E25 while E35 is best suited for large homes.