Steam Kills 99.9% More Germs That Regular Mopping

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Germs? It sure does!!! Steam Kills 99.9% More Germs That Regular Mopping

According to statistics, the steam mop is capable of killing 99.9% more germs than regular mopping. While it is true that a regular mop has the ability to successfully eliminate the appearance of dust, dirt, and other types of debris, it does not have the capability – in and of itself – to kill germs and other potentially harmful microorganisms.

Instead, the germs and other substances that are present on the floors where a mopped is used are simply spread around in the areas that the mop has come into contact. A steam cleaner, on the other hand, immediately kills germs as the result of the temperature of the unit and the amount of time that the heat is in direct contact with the floor.

The mop has been used all throughout history to clean floors. Immediately after the mop, came the Swiffer. It did not take too long before the steam mop was introduced to consumers. Based on numerous tests and trials, when a substance heats to the temperature of at least 212°F, it has the ability to eliminate germs and potentially harmful microorganisms.

In order to properly take advantage of the unit and take of advantage of the fact that it kills germs, you must simply increase the temperature of the unit and ensure that it touches each section of the surface of the floor that it is cleaning for a minimum of ten minutes.

Due to the ten-second rule, you may find that the process of cleaning just one floor could take a tremendous amount of time, but, consider all of the benefits of creating a completely sanitized and germ-free environment within your home.

In the last year or so, the steam cleaning market has completely boomed. The advertisements associated with these cleaners promise to eliminate the promise of cleaning without having to put in a lot of elbow grease. In addition to this, these advertisements promise to completely banish bacteria, dirt, grime, and eliminate germs, which will leave the home completely clean and free from anti-hygienic substances.

Best of all, the steam mop has the ability to not only clean the floors within the home, but are also effective in cleaning other surfaces in the home, such as fans, windows, furniture, and appliances. The promises of the steam mop in taking the effort out of eliminating household grime and banishing germs without the use of harsh chemicals and detergents have everyone jumping on the opportunity to have one all of their own. Are they as effective as they promise? The answer is “yes, absolutely”!

The steam mop successfully kills germs and cleans much more thoroughly than a regular old mop. While a standard mop is effective in its own right, it does not even come close to the sanitation and effectiveness of the steam mop.

If you want to improve the appearance of your home, sanitize the surfaces of your home, reduce the amount of time that you spend cleaning and want an item that quickly kills germs to optimize the health of all that reside in your home, a steam mop is the way to go!